Explore The Adventure: Church Farm Stow Bardolph

A few weeks ago we were surprised with a family visit, it was a lovely couple of days. During their short visit we decided to go exploring and managed to get lots of activities squeezed into two days, even a trip to the farm. You can't really go wrong with a day at the farm, can you? Our day at Church Farm Stow Bardolph was the perfect day and full of adventures. We fed some lambs, cuddled a goat and a sheep (as you do), went on a tractor ride to feed some pigs, bounced until we couldn't bounce anymore and even saw a lamb being born. There are so many adventures that you and your family could get into at Church Farm with their rare breeds of animals, adventure play and so much more to enjoy. We visited after the Easter holidays which was the perfect time to visit Church Farm. There were so many chances for us all to get up close to lots of farmyard friends; from new born lambs to rabbits, pigs, sheep, goats and so much more. The friendly farmers on hand are always more than happy to introduce you to these farmyard friends.
My daughter's favourite part of the whole day had to be petting the animals, an experience that neither of us had before. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed hugging all the sheep and goats, but it did get a little too much for the poor sheep, I think they were all hugged out. I am really glad that we waited until lambing season to come to Church Farm as there were so many lambs being born, something that I never seen before. The children obviously has no clue but enjoyed feeding the 'baby lambs' their milk. It was a great way for my daughter to get up close to the lambs and pet them. They did however escape from the toddler cuddle.

My favourite part was petting the pigs. I have always been fascinated with pigs ever since I could remember, I don't know what it is, I just love them. So when an opportunity to get inside the piglet pen came my way, I was in there straight away. They were so friendly and came straight to us nibbling at our hands. My daughter was naming them of course and I bet you can't guess what she named them.? Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa Pig, George Pig and Jakey Pig, after our pet beagle.

After petting lots of pigs we then headed over to the play area. First up was the trampolines, but these were not like any trampoline I have been on before as they were set deep into the ground so there was not need to worry about the children hurting themselves. As much as my brother in law didn't want to go on the trampoline, he had no choice when we were given an opportunity to push him, we had to really! The children thoroughly enjoyed bundling him and using him as a trampoline. Poor uncle Andrew.

But the fun didn't stop there. In the children's adventure play area there were some small tractors that the children could ride. When the opportunity to be a big kid is staring you in the face you have to go. So both my husband and I joined in the fun and decided to race alongside the children. They won of course, or so we tell them. As well as the tractors there was a hay barn, a sand pit and the football pitch. Not forgetting the indoor play area which also had a gated area for children under 5s complete with an array of toys and books to play with.

Our last activity of the day was the tractor ride to go and feed the pigs, and it was quite the ride for only £1! I didn't think that the ride would be for too long, but I would say we were easily there for 20 minute seeing lots more animals and stopped off to feed the pigs. There was just so much to see and do at Church Farm, especially for the price. There are so many adventures that you and your family could get into, you will honestly be surprised.


  1. Ah we love it there and have been once last year. My daughter would definitely love it even more now she's older. I think I'll have this on our list of weekend days out soon. Lucky you to see the lambs being born too!! How special x

  2. I love places like this. It's great that the children can get so hands-on with all of the animals, and lovely to see your little one being so confident with them too!