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How To Raise a Little Helper

We all know that toddlers are better at creating a mess than keeping the house clean, but what better way to keep those hands occupied than with the household chores. A duster? A broom? A vacuum? Toddlers love to help and will always be too happy to get involved.  If you haven't thought about introducing your toddlers to chores please have a look at my post about encouraging toddler chores. I was a little unsure as to how my daughter would react to this little game but she thoroughly enjoyed sweeping up all the pom poms. 

By giving your toddler a few age appropriate chores can encourage them to become more helpful and as they get older they will understand how to complete household chores without being start them young I say! To be honest when I was younger my parents would always set chores for my brother, sister and I to do and it didn't do us any harm. I can vaguely remember my dad pulling a chair towards the sink so we could wash dishes and my sister and I would always want to play 'The Washing Up Show' - a running commentary on how to wash dishes! 

My daughter and I will do the household chores together everyday and have done since was about a year old. I always think that it's a good idea to introduce them around this age because typically most children are mobile and have a basic vocabulary and actually like to lend a hand. Therefore it was an obvious age to start but if she did find any chores too much to begin with I would try and ease her into them. Then as she started to master each one I would always find another area in the house where she could help!

Help Load The Washing Machine

Aren't all toddlers fascinated with washing machines? I know my daughter is as she likes to sit there and watch all the bubbles go round and round, it's a pretty great distraction! And as soon as the washing machine finished the cycle she will push buttons and help pull our clothes out of the drum and even if its empty she is more than happy to fill it! 

Dust & Polish

Dusters are so much fun aren't they? Well probably not for you and me but my daughter gets excited whenever I pull out those yellow dusters. As you can imagine I am more than happy for her to help me dust, just be sure that when you set your toddler to task remove any breakables or show them how to dust carefully. I believe that you should teach toddlers to respect things in their home by not moving anything out of their reach. But this is just my preference, choose what is right for you!

Help Feed The Dog

My daughter adores her little friend Jakey! They are thick as thieves as the saying goes. Jakey will follow little miss about most the day and she will always open the cupboard doors so she can give him food and treats. So now it only seems natural to allow her to take a small role in caring for him. Even though I give him his water as my daughter loves to tip it all onto the floor and stamp in it but I will let her scoop his food into his bowl, keeping a watchful eye mind you, as she likes to see what his food tastes like! 


My daughter loves our vacuum and will always makes a bee line towards it and really won't take no for an answer. However if I actually need to vacuum she gets the grumps and has a tantrum, it is quite funny. But she is doing really well at this chore and will even get under the coffee table and the sofa. 

Wiping Up Spills

Spills always happen with toddlers, it is inevitable. Not only does this mean they can help with spills but they can actually take on the responsibility for clearing away their mess. Whenever she spills I am not so quick to clean it up myself and I will ask her if she wants to get some kitchen roll and wipe it herself. But I have to watch out as she likes to tear the kitchen roll and eat it! Why do toddlers prefer to eat paper and every bit of fluff they can find???

Preparing & Cooking Food

I have always encouraged my daughter to get into the kitchen with me mainly because she can keep herself entertained with lots of exploring and discovering new toys to play with but I can also keep an eye on her. It's a lot harder to keep an eye on her when she is in the living room trying to climb the coffee table or pulling the drawers out to sit in them!!! She also loves to help me bake in the kitchen and I think her favourite has to be mixing cake batter, and being taste tester of course. 

Clearing Away Toys

Even before my daughter could walk she would help gather toys and put them away. I also think it's a great way to encourage wind down time too, we will always make sure that we put toys away before her afternoon nap and before bedtime. I can see that she enjoys this chore as she is becoming more and more independent everyday and she will tell me not to help. However, there are days when she doesn't want be helpful when clearing away her toys. 

Cleaning The Windows

After all the windows are normally dirty because of her little fingers so this one makes a lot of sense. I will spray them and she will wipe with kitchen roll, she does kiss the windows so we will have to start the whole process again, but we have lots of fun whilst doing it. When Daddy cleaned our patio windows she helped without being asked...

I hope that these ideas can give you some inspiration for getting your little ones involved with chores and show you ways to raise a little helper, you could even add fetching the post or popping things into the bin. These chores will help your toddler develop and give them a little responsibility encouraging them to do things on their own and to be honest we could all do with a helping hand. 

What do you think about raising a little helper?
13 comments on "How To Raise a Little Helper"
  1. oh this is so wise. You have to make the most of when they are little and willing to help, otherwise you have no hope of getting them to do much when they are teenagers. Great to find your blog via the #bestandworst linky

    1. Good thing I set her to task early!!! Haha! Aw thank you for stopping by lovely! x

  2. Oh what a wonderful post. I'm sure he will be more of a hinderance than a help but it will be lovely to share the chores with him #bestandworst

    1. We actually have lots of fun doing them together! Even if it is cleaning lol. Thank you for your comments x

  3. I think getting children to help out with chores is a great idea. My girls help to prep dinner and lay the table. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    1. Thank you for hosting. I think all little ones love to get involved though. They are good girls with helping lay the table.

  4. Ahhh how cute! My son helps fill the cat biscuits and wipes up spills and at times puts clothes in the washing machine.....although he prefers to press the buttons! Popping over from #binkylinky

    1. Oh my I can sympathise with you on that one, she love to press the buttons! It will always been followed up by an uh oh! Thank you for stopping by and for your comments x

  5. As a stay at home dad, I get my kids to do some of these things. In fact our youngest can be a very keen cleaner and tidier. Not too sure about leaving everything so the toddlers can reach them 'though. We've had to replace many a photo frame due to accidental damage! #binkylinky

    1. Haha we have had a few breakages my fault though but she will dust very carefully now! Such a good girl. Thank you for your comments x

  6. This is awesome! Yes I can totally see my little one helping out with some of these. So far I can only get him to put things inside baskets or boxes, but I'm continuing to try to expand that :)

    1. That's brilliant next stop dusting lol. If you encourage him a little each time he will soon want to take the lead. Thank you for your comments x

  7. I think it's fantastic that your daughter helps you with household chores. It's great for them to learn responsibility & about helping. And they find it fun at that age! Thanks so much for joining us at #bloggerclubuk x


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