Inside The Mind of a Toddler

Today on the blog I thought that we would have a little bit of fun and think about our mischievous toddlers! Do you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a toddler? It has got to be crazy in there...A typical Saturday...

6.30am - I am awake, where is my Mummy? WAHHHHHH, [Bang, bang] WAHHHHHH is she even listening to me? *Cough* *Cough* I know that she loves my fake cough.

6.35am - WAHHHHH...I know Mummy can hear me? What is taking her so long. I am getting bored of waiting now Mummy hurry up with my milk!!!

6.45am - [Inside the parents room] Where is my Daddy? I know he is in here somewhere...Oh he is asleep! I need to stick my finger in his nose just to make sure he is definitely asleep, actually if I just slap him and jump on his tummy. Ohhhh he is not asleep he tried to trick me! Well it didn't work haha!

7.00am - [Breakfast time] Eurgh she is giving me horrible gooey stuff again [Porridge], doesn't she know that I will just put my fingers in my mouth and try and grab it out. Better yet, sneeeeeze all over her. Haha. 

7.30am - Now we have to go back upstairs for me... I like to tap each step as I go just to make sure it makes that funny noise. Finally I have reached the top and now for a quick get way. Why does Mummy always catch me, I need to get faster. 

7.40am - She has only gone and put me on that changing mat - I hate this thing! It is cold and I don't want to get dressed WAHHHH WAHHHH she has wiped my bum with those cold wipes! WAHHH. Nope I am not getting dressed Mummy we do this every time, Noooooooo! I don't want to put my legs in those tights so I will just pretend that I am running in the air- that is always fun. 

8.00am - I am all dressed now time to play. [Downstairs in the living room] I want a pear I guess I will just help myself I think mummy wants me to anyway, after all she left the fruit bowl in my reach. Ohhh on the coffee table there are those white noisy things I like [Coasters] TING TING TING. Oh no...Mummy is coming I can hear her make a run for it...if I hide behind the curtains she may not find me. Damn it she caught me! WAHHHH, WAHHHH. I am bored now so I will go and see what Mummy is up to. 

9.00am - Daddy is putting on that big coat that I love chew on...I love that fluffy part. OH NO...WAHHHHH. The car seat - I cannot move in this thing. I may as well give up Daddy always wins all this kicking and crying is making me tired [Yawning] I am sleepy [Falls asleep just as we pull into the car park]! 

9.30am - WAHHHH they woke me up!!!! First they want me in this car seat and now they want me out! Oh crap the big silver trolley I hate this too all I want to do it walk! I will just have kick my legs so they can't get me in that trolley. WAHHH [Kicks, a lot] WAHHHH Okay clearly they are not listening I need to cry louder. I give up!!! [Gets in the trolley] Oooooh my favourite yellow packet [quavers] if I reach far enough I may be able to get them. [Crinkles crisp packet for a while]. 

10.00am - [Snack time] Yay. Breadsticks. [Crunch, crunch] This are so tasty but it is best to offer Mummy and Daddy some but they don't want any - more for meee. Oh Mummy gave me a drink too [slurp, glug, glug] ahhh [Mummy copies - its our thing]. I am bored what else can I do... I will tip my cup upside down as water comes out. All over me, all over my bear, all over my Peppa Pig phone. Oh no Mummy is telling me NO. I will just smile at her but her face still scrunched up and tells me no. She gives me that face a lot. Maybe she wants me to do it again. Oh no she definitely doesn't. 

11.00am - [Arrives back home] I love helping Mummy and Daddy put the shopping away. So the bread needs to go in my this cupboard actually no it needs to go on the stairs, the tomatoes need to go in the bin I like to push the lid. Oooh I found the yogs [yoghurt] I will sit here and try to get into this. If I just push my finger through...I am in. I think the cupboard door wants a bit too. [Smears yoghurt on cupboard door] Mummy's crinkled nose has made an appearance again and says that word again. Oh no. I will smile lots! I think its working...haha!

12.30am - [Lunch Time] Spaghetti pasta. [oh nom nom nom] Maybe Jake the dog wants some...he likes it. I think that if I stuff some pasta underneath my bum they won't notice. I don't want anymore but my hair wants, haha Mummy and Daddy always laugh at me. I can hardly keep my eyes open. WAHHHHHH, WAHHHH, WAHHHH. [Rubs eyes] WAHHHH. Mummy wraps me in yellow blanket and I drink my milk. [Slurp, slurp]. Zzzzz

2.30pm - I am awake, where is my Mummy? WAHHHHHH, [Bang, bang] WAHHHHHH is she even listening to me? I done a stinky so Mummy has to change me. But I don't want to and maybe if I grab the nappy she may not want to change me...Noooooooooo. 

3.00pm - We are off to Nanny's house. We are off to Nanny's house. Daddy puts me on his shoulders but I can also pull at Daddy's hair, Hmmmmm, I wonder what it tastes like. Yuck! I love Nanny but where is she. Nanny, Nanny, Nanny! AHHHHH, there she is. I will just run from her so then she can chase me! Ohhh I love get the noisy things [Saucepans lids] out of Nanny's cupboard. BANG, BANG, BANG. Whoops I dropped one it is okay I will throw the other. Nanny loves when I come to her house. I need to have a look in that cupboard she has I want to chew on those camels [Brass Ornaments] Nanny falls for my face every time. 

4.30pm - [Dinner Time] Ohhh its dinner time we have lots of trees (Broccoli) these are so good! [Nom, nom]. Nope don't like that, nope, nope that can go on the floor (Fish). Ooooh now its time for CAAAAAAKE! Oh I am full now...I need to tell parents that I want out of this high chair OUUUUUUUT OUTTTTT OUTTTT! Yes at least one listened to me. I escaped! 

6.00pm - [Bath Time] SPLASH, SPLISH, SPLOSH. I love bath time. I need to make sure that Daddy gets some bubbles on his head and not forgetting Jakey of course. WAHHHHH Daddy wants to brush my teeth...NOOOOO! WAHHHHH ooooh its working, its working I have the toothbrush! Oh no that changing mat again I swear all they want to do is change me!!!! The snow [Talc] I will help Daddy rub it in my tummy and put some on him, he loves when I do that!

7.00pm - [Bed Time] Mummy is putting me in my balloon [Gro Bag] Mmmmm Milk, I have had a such a busy day today. Zzzzzzzzz