Our Week Off With Daddy

Okay so you may or may not have noticed that we have been a bit absent on the blog. We have been busy having a few fun filled days with Daddy and so today I thought I would share with you all what we got up to. *WARNING* the following post is not terribly exciting but if you would like to see what we did when Daddy was on holiday stick around...yippee!

Can we just take a minute to look at those gorgeous photos of Mimi...she is just so photogenic. Okay I am a little biased but I cannot resist those cheeky grins of hers!

So lets get to it. Tony booked twelve whole days off with us, we didn't really have any plans just lots of lie ins and lazy days but the weather was absolutely gorgeous so we decided to get our garden BBQ ready!!! 

On our first day off together we all got into the car and went to good ole B&Q to purchase soil, flowers, baskets, pots you know all the stuff we all get rid of at the end of the each summer with much regret heading towards B&Q! *MUST NOT THROW OUT GARDEN STUFF*. For any of you that know me I am not a great lover of gardening, that's the husband domain with my input of where he should put things of course. I am the boss after all! But this year our Amelia is old enough to get involved and in a round about way this made it a little more exciting for me and we got her the cutest mini garden set. Amelia potted most of our plants and really got stuck in, I think her favourite part was discovering that water comes out of this...

After spending most of the morning potting plants and filling up her watering can...with a few meltdowns because tipping all the water from her watering can over the dog was not fair on poor Jakey. We had a little visit from my sister and her two girls and we spent the rest of the afternoon in the sand pit while Mummy, Daddy and Auntie Sarah tried to relive their youth by doing handstands, cartwheels and teddy bear rolls in the garden!

The next day we planned to put up a dividing fence to separate the children from the dog/BBQ part. We even managed to rope in my Dad and the brother-in-law to help...they are such good eggs! My job was to run after Amelia in the hot weather but I didn't do the best job because Amelia got her first boo boo - bad Mummy!

But I was only too happy for nap time as Amelia had a ridiculous amount of energy that day, it must of been because Grandad and Uncle Sam were here. It was about half three when the guys had finished but I wasn't paying too much attention to the height of the fence and thought that it would be a good idea to mention this as the last panel was being fitted - I was banished from the garden! Haha! But doesn't it look good?
Dog/BBQ part
Children/Adult trying to relive their youth part!
On the Sunday we had my mum and dad over for Sunday lunch, oh my that was a very bad idea in the hot weather - why didn't we have a BBQ. It was rather delicious though. It was time for a cup of tea before going to see my Mum's horses Harley and Jess. When my mum first got the horses Amelia was quite frightened of them but it is so lovely to see how much she has grown to love them. If I mention Nanny Russell she will say 'Harley Horse' & 'Dress' it is the most adorable thing!

After such a great afternoon with the horses we went home put Amelia to bed and had a relaxing evening in our garden. It would have been rude to not have a tipple or two...with the husband showing how great he is at being a turtle - only in our house.

Mmmmm Strawberry Daiquiri
It was back to work for anyone else but we could have a lazy lie in. We ventured into town to do the boring food shop bought a few more pieces for the garden to add those finishing touches, we searched high and low for the perfect garden cushions! We ended up going to Tesco because I really didn't want to pay £20 for one cushion! Its because I am stingy! Later that day we invited my Mum over for a little bit of dinner and for a slice of the cake made by the husband...he is a man of many talents! This was one of the many cakes that he made during his time off and they were all tasted amazing.

The next few days we spend quite a bit of time with my Mum and her horses. It was such a great opportunity for Amelia to get involved with feeding them and enjoyed getting lots of Harley Horse kisses too. We also tried to fly a kite with Amelia and it lasted a whole 30 seconds in the air before bombing into the ground a breaking - bugger! Who would of thought a pound land kite wouldn't last, haha!
We all enjoyed spending a few late afternoons with my mum and the horse because it was just so quiet and peaceful and we would all feel really relaxed before heading off home.

In other news...Amelia is getting wayyyy to big for her cot and we need to change this into a toddler bed and we have decided to put up her big girl cot on her second birthday. I am not looking forward to this mainly because I am selfish and I really don't want her to grow up! But I am in no way looking forward to this monkey pulling out all the nappies, all the toys and all the freshly ironed middle suits wahhhh!

The last day we spend with Daddy was sofa shopping. So we have been meaning to look for a new sofa for a while as we have had ours for about seven years. We were only supposed to be looking for a sofa and I didn't expect to get one in the second place we visited, but it would have been silly to pass a bargain by! A sofa for the long legged husband and a sofa for me! Yay!

That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed seeing what we got up to when Daddy was off, I know we did and we missed him terribly when he went back to work. Boo. We can't wait until his next holiday. 


  1. Aw, it looks like you had great fun! I love those garden photos, so much happiness :) #bloggerclubuk

    1. We really did have so much fun in the sun! Where is the sun anyway? Does he not know its summer...Lol! Thanks for stopping by and for your comments

  2. Glad you had a lovely time. I love the picture of her measuring up her cot. You can see her planning the mischief already! #bestandworst

    1. Yes definitely she loves mischief! I am however not looking forward to all the clothes being taken out of the draws and cupboards though. Thank you for your lovely comments

  3. Sounds like you were very busy! Lovely sofas too, good choice :) Thanks for linking up #bestandworst

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely week, so much going on! I bet he was gutted he had to go back to work
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK :)

  5. What brilliant photos and how lovely to have the other half home. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx