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The traditional soap, water and a good flannel cannot cut it these days, many are choosing to use a electric face brushes to give their skin a super deep clean. The first electric face brush to hit the market was the Clarisonic and I have been thinking about getting one for a while, but I am reluctant to fork out nearly £150 for one. So I was only too pleased when I saw that Olay had introduced their own cleansing system and I got one immediately.

Olay along with a team of dermatologists have created the 3 point Olay Regenerist Cleansing System which is proven to clean your face more effectively than if you were to use soap, water and a flannel. I have been using this 3 point system for about four month now and my skin feels amazing! 


Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System is shaped to suit the contours of your face for better removal of dirt and make up even in the T-zone and chin. A 2 speed system which is water resistant for use in the shower. The kit comes with the electronic casing, one brush head, exfoliating facial wash, two AA batteries and a set of instructions. 


Dampen your skin and the brush head with water. Dispense the exfoliating skin perfecting cleanser in your hand and massage over face, then turn on cleansing brush and gently move around the face for a minute, rinse your face and brush head with water. It's that simple!


I've really enjoyed using this product so far and I definitely think it's making a difference to the appearance of my skin, especially around my nose where I have some open pores. It does a great job cleaning off my makeup and leaves my skin feeling very clean. I'm not too keen on the cleanser that comes with it but I think that's mainly because it doesn't have much of a scent. I also like the size of the brush as it's not too big and will be good for when I'm travelling. The batteries being included is also a plus. My skin felt cleaner, softer and smoother even when I added my Aloe Vera Soothing Day Cream it absorbed into my skin so much better in comparison to when I use a traditional cleansing regime. 

The only downside to this product is that when I used the brush for the first few times the bristles were harsh on my skin. I have fairly sensitive skin and consequently found that this brush left me feeling sore on my cheeks. But this eased when I decided to use the brush every other day. The product doesn't come with a bag to keep it altogether and I think it would be quite handy if it did especially if you go away. The only reason why I said this was due to the fact that I had an explosion in one of my toiletries bags!

Overall I do think that this a great way to cleanse your skin especially for people with sensitive skin and prone to an oily t-zone. I would highly recommend this brush as it removes all traces of make up, does not irritate my skin (after choosing to alternate days) and leaves my skin feeling super clean, soft and smoother. 

Product (5/5)

Cost (5/5)

Ease of Use (5/5)

Packaging (4/5)

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  1. Oh I love olay! My mum always used to use it. Fab review. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky