Reindeer Foot Print Greeting Cards

Christmas is just around the corner 8 days away to be exact and what better way to get your toddler even more excited about the big day than helping them create their own personalised greeting cards for their loved ones.

This year we decided to make a footprint reindeer and it was one of the most easiest projects Amelia and I have done together, as it simply involved painting her foot and pressing onto card. However if you have a mischievous toddler they will try to make it their mission to avoid you at all costs, leave brown footprints everywhere or even try to get their foot in their mouth. I found it easier once I strapped my mischievous Amelia in her high chair. 

To make these greeting cards, you'll need:

Child safety paint 
Wiggly eyes 
Red pom poms 
Black/Brown marker pen 
Stamps (optional) 

Firstly you will need to prepare your paint, if you have already made brown paint you can miss this step. If not, keep reading, all you'll need is red, blue and yellow child safety paint. You need to mix yellow and red to create a dark orange (it should be more a red than a yellow). Then mix in a small amount of blue with the orange until the colour begins to turn into a rich chocolate colour. 

So grab your brown paint and brush the paint on to your little ones foot - it may tickle them. Then simply press the painted foot onto a piece of card or paper, be sure to do one foot at a time and keep those baby wipes at the ready!!!

Once you have completed all the required reindeer prints, allow them to fully dry. Then it's time to make your reindeer prints come to life by adding wiggly eyes and a red pom pom nose. Draw on their antlers and if you want to can either stamp your greeting on the card or get your little one to write their greeting and you are done. You now have a personalised reindeer foot print greeting card!