Hello 2016

Hello and Happy New Year. Every year must come to an end and a new one must begin. 2015 was such a good year for us, our highlights were becoming home owners and having our first family Christmas in our new home so I am really excited what the next year will bring. Like so many, New Years Eve is a time to reflect and even make some resolutions and even though I know not everyone likes to make resolutions, I do think that they are a great way to stat focused and keep motivated throughout the year.

1. Start an exercise schedule...

Yep, this one is going to be one that's one everyone's resolution list without a doubt. Being someone who, let's say, really over indulged this year I need to make this year, the year that I actually become healthy and get up and move. 

2. Eat more fruit and vegetables...

We all could eat more food that's good for us, so eating more fruit and vegetables is definitely on the new year new me list. I also think that this is a good resolution for us to have as a family, my daughter loves her vegetables but I think this year we should venture into more exotic fruit. In terms of our family diet I think trying to add at least three vegetables is more than achievable so I guess we have to watch this space. 

3. Get more sleep...

Yep, I know, we have a toddler. But towards the end of last year I seem to really struggle to switch off and relax when it came to bedtime, but as usual my brain likes to over work itself. So I am really craving a good FULL nights sleep that's for sure. Even though I have an eighteen month old who is battling with those pesky teeth I will try and make a more conscious effort to be good and switch off to sleep. 

4. Do something for me...

I am sure that I am not alone in saying that us parents don't always have many moments to ourselves. Each week I will try and set aside some time for me whether it be a walk, reading a book, take a bath, or even squeezing in a nap. Me time, me time, me time!

5. Drink more water

Drinking more water is something that everyone should add to their list of resolutions, I know that I never drink enough water. However, if tea counted towards a water count I would be more than smashing those water goals, but it isn't so I am having to switch a cheeky cup of tea for bottled water more often. I am so eager to want to smash these drink more water resolution that I have downloaded and paid for a water app, yep I am that serious. 

6. Think positively and keep an open mind 

I am a pretty positive person, but I must admit since the birth of my daughter I have started to struggle with some things that never really bothered me before she came along. It's beginning to affect my sleep and I will lay awake most of the night being irrational and having really crazy thoughts. And instead of letting things get to me, I really want to be more proactive, positive and keep an open mind. 

7. Don't stress

Carrying on from the previous one, something else that I seem to do more often than not is stressing out, over the smallest things. It's becoming quite a regular thing now, getting stressed over menial things and sometimes I take these out on the wrong people and I don't actually want my daughter to see me get stressed and angry over silly things. Less stress, less worry, lower blood pressure. 

Even though making changes can be hard, especially when you are trying to create new healthy habits. Instead to trying to change everything at once try an aim to make one small change at a time. You don't want to be defeated before you even begin! Do you make resolutions?


  1. These are really similar to my own - here's to us both sticking to them! :) #binkylinky

  2. Great resolutions. Good luck. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  3. Good luck with your resolutions. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  4. Hi Kelly-Ann, these look very similar to my resolutions to 2016. Good luck with them. I have broken all of them already, but I am still working on them. All the best for 2016. Pen x