Is It Time to Get Fussy About Your Deodorant?

We are living in boom times for natural deodorants, with many choosing to go clean in a bid to battle the big BO! Most of these natural deodorants often use ingredients like coconut oil, tea tree oil, and arrowroot powder that allows you to sweat naturally whilst neutralising body odour.

There are some many great choices available with amazing formulas offering protection without aluminium or parabens that are better for the planet and for YOU. It’s great to see more people embracing better alternatives when thinking about their deodorant. Going au naturel may be a big transition, but do they really work?

Natural deodorants are not something that are new to me, but it can be hard to find a good brand that fits you and your lifestyle. I work from home and a mama to a little girl that has a better social calendar that me, so I'm always on the go. Whether it is taking her to swim class, clarinet, football or running errands, gym class or doing the school run. I need a good, long lasting deodorant that I can rely on.

It has been a challenge to find a natural deodorant that fit my lifestyle that actually works. But, is it time to get fussy for your deodorant? All for the right reasons.

Who are Fussy?

Fussy are a natural, refillable deodorant with science backed formulas that leave you smelling fresh all day. Not only does Fussy make you feel good and smell good, you're choosing something that is kinder for you and the plastic-free, compostable refills are kinder for the planet too. All natural, free from aluminium, parabens and 100% vegan.

Our Fussy set arrived in a slim cardboard package which is great as it is recyclable, and can fit through my letterbox. The case and refill are held by slots inside the box so no need for extra packaging.

The case is soft in texture and has a subtle 'fussy' embossed design along the front. It is simple, lightweight and compact which makes it easy to pack into your everyday handbag or a suitcase. Fussy have designed the casing with longevity in mind, with sustainable refills as when you need them. The outer casing been made with one type of plastic that is easily recycling if need be. The refill itself comes in a compostable, cardboard container which is inserted into the casing with such ease.

There are a range of different casing colours and scents to choose that suit your style and needs. I was kindly gifted the Tropic Tonic scent which came in a pastel light green casing. As soon as you pop the lid off the refill you are consumed with a gorgeous fresh scent of lime, basil and mandarin - it reminded me of summer walks along the beach or in nature. It had a pleasant subtle scent and wasn't overpowering like some other natural deodorants I have tried.

How To Order Fussy Deodorant

Fussy is so simple and easy to order. It is also one of the cheaper natural deodorants on the market with being £5 per refill when you choose to subscribe and save. It is worth mentioning if you do only need the refills, fussy only do orders in threes!

Step 1 Choose Your Case

It is so simple. First, you need to choose the colour of your case. There are a whole selection of different colours such as lilac, midnight, burnt orange, mint, ocean blue, hot pink and blush.

Step 2. Choose Your Scents

Fussy have 8 scents including an unscented option with some occasional limited editions. You can choose from Night Tales, Wavy Days, Tropic Tonic, Wide Eyed, Sun Drunk, Cloud Nine, Cotton and Forest Haze.

All Fussy scents are eco-friendly and made using natural essential oils that are naturally farmed, ensuring there are no compromises on the sustainability. In our pack we received the Tropic Tonic scent which was a subtle and in no way overpowering, making it easier for the formula to adapt to my own skin and scent. 

Step 3: Subscription Plans

Then, you have to select a subscription plan. Fussy will send you a reminder before each shipment so you can change scents, delivery dates that can be cancelled at any time. At the moment there are three options to choose from; Subscribe and Save, One Off Purchase and the Scent Pack that can all be tailored to your liking - making sure that this subscriptions works for you.

There a 12% discount if you order now, just use 'FUSAFFS12'

Using Fussy Deodorant

Fussy Deodorant is so quick and easy to set up and use. The case works on a twist up method, rewind all the way back down. Remove the lid off your refill, drop in your refill and pop the inner cap back on until it clicks. Then you just apply two to three swipes. A tip? Make sure you twist your deodorant bar just above the casing because if it is flush it can drag on your underarms a little, causing irritation.

Every refill which will last 4-6 weeks, all depending on the frequency of use. It tend to last me just over a month as I use it morning and evening. You can order just the refills and they come in packs of three. Fussy note on their website that they only ship in threes because it is better for the planet, but you can mix and match with the different scents. See refills, here

Does Fussy Deodorant Actually Work?

In short, yes! I am not new to the au naturel deodorants but Fussy is a winner, hands down. It has never given me body odour and lasts all day. Being a natural deodorant it doesn't stop the normal process of sweating, but it does a great job in neutralising my odour and absorbing moisture.

It's natural, eco-friendly and has a formidable formula to help battle the BO that actually works. The only downside to using Fussy that sometimes the case can fall over and the lid doesn't have texture or grip - making it a little harder to pop off. But for me, these are minor downsides that I can live with, if it means that I get to use a natural deodorant that is good for me and good for the planet.

There is a 12% discount if you order now, just use 'FUSAFFS12'

** We were kindly gifted our products by Fussy for this post but as always, my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using. **