How to Find Balance When You're Stressed

Whether it’s work, money, the house, or a combination of all of this and more, stress can rear its ugly head at any moment. While you can deal with a little stress here and there, you might struggle to cope when you’re struck by significant stress and anxiety. 

But rather than accept you’re going to be stressed no matter what, you can find ways to find balance and overcome your stress so you can move on with your day and ensure you get everything done. If you regularly struggle with stressful situations, here is some advice to help you find balance. 

Try Grounding Techniques 

Grounding techniques are a fantastic way to refocus your energy and slowly relieve the stress you feel. Many people adopt the 5-4-3-2-1 technique which encourages you to distract yourself from the stress by focusing on things you can see, touch, and hear, among other things. 

This approach brings you closer to reality and helps you to find balance in your situation. It is effective for people who need a quick but effective solution to stress without interfering with your day or risking a panic or anxiety attack. 


Another solution is to stop and breathe. Like grounding techniques, this approach is quick and helps you focus on overcoming stress. Sometimes, stress can make you irrational. You might get upset or angry. You might do things out of character. By taking a moment to breathe, with deep breaths, you can find yourself and take better actions in any situation. 

Sometimes, you just need to stop and take some deep breaths to ensure you don’t act out or make a mistake. Breathing in stressful situations enables you to get back on track without taking too much time to recover. 

Distract Your Mind 

You can also find ways to distract your mind. Some people listen to music, while others do activities that force them to focus on something intricate or specific. You can make an origami dog when you feel stressed to loosen up and avoid feeling overwhelmed. The folding process is calming and it results in something cool, so you have something to show for it when you’re done. This tactic gives you a productive way to deal with stress. 


Unfortunately, people can’t manage their stress immediately. They might experience multiple minor stressors that build up throughout the day and risk exploding once they get home. 

Instead of taking your stress out on people who don’t deserve it, like your family or the shopkeeper, take the opportunity to journal and embrace its mental health benefits that can help you look at your day differently. Journaling helps you process emotions differently from ranting about them or keeping them bottled up, meaning you can find solutions to your stress and avoid encountering similar situations. 


You can also try exercising to release endorphins that can help you manage your stress. However, you can’t just drop to the floor and do twenty push-ups whenever you feel stressed. Instead, save your energy for when you can go to the gym or get out for a run. 

While bottling your stress won’t do you any favours, knowing you have an outlet for it later means you can avoid any issues until you get the chance to go to the gym. You might need to get out all your frustrations by lifting weights or running 5K, so keep a positive mindset until you’re able to exercise. 

Slow Down 

Many people encounter stress because they try to do too much. This usually involves juggling multiple projects or rushing around to complete too many errands in one day. Instead of this, try to find productive ways to spend time at home where you can balance your tasks across the week. You don’t need to do everything in one day, and it will be much easier to tick things off your list if you do a little each day and take life a little slower. 

Break Your Tasks Up 

Similarly, breaking tasks into small chunks can make them more manageable and achievable. Instead of knowing you have to clean the entire house before guests come over, focus on space at a time. Ideally, this should be a space they will use, such as the kitchen or living room. This approach can help you build momentum as you gradually get one thing done and move on to the next. 

Overcoming Stress

Everyone deals with stress. It’s a natural part of life and some stress can even benefit you. However, you shouldn’t allow stress to rule your life. Since you’re bound to feel stressed at some point, you can use this advice to help you find balance during those tricky moments and pull yourself back to find ways to overcome stress easily.