Indulgent Breakfast Ideas For The Weekend

Breakfast is a crucial meal of the day, although many rarely make time for it. Weekends are a perfect time to catch a nutritious breakfast and relax with your family. You have enough time to experiment with different recipes over the weekend and indulge in creative breakfast ideas to satisfy your palate. For instance, you can prepare an exotic coffee in the morning with pancakes, or champagne with Kahlua cream French toast. Here are some other indulgent breakfast ideas for an extra special weekend.

1. Espresso Waffles with Rich Mocha

Espresso waffles with mocha make an elaborate breakfast fit for a lazy weekend morning. Start by mixing a cup of almonds, a half tablespoon of sugar, and adding a teaspoon of baking soda and powder each. Get another bowl and mix a cup of milk, melted butter, and some eggs. Include the dry ingredients and mix them to make a consistent batter. Heat the waffle iron and spread the batter on it until the waffles are golden brown. Finally, prepare the sauce with a cup of condensed milk, and you are ready to kick-start your indulgent weekend.

2. Exotic Coffee 

Coffee is one popular beverage that can best settle your stomach in the morning. A cup of coffee is particularly helpful for those who experience stomach upset after eating breakfast. Studies show drinking it with breakfast meals can boost your digestion for the rest of the day by stimulating the activity of the gastric gastric juices. A cup of coffee is probiotic, so it nourishes your intestinal flora and maintains the health of your intestinal bacteria. For your indulgent breakfast weekend, why not try premium exotic coffee brands from countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia or even Kopi Luwak coffee from Indonesia. Fortunately, preparing this drink over the weekend can take an exciting twist- as a tip, consider learning how to make plunger coffee for a more interesting and satisfying breakfast. 

3. Nutrient-rich Cereals

From nuts and seeds granola to overnight oats, there are numerous ways to prepare nutritious cereals for breakfast.  A batch of nutty and maple-sweetened granola will make your morning a delight. It’s a reliable, ultra-healthy idea to start your day strong. Overnight oats are probably one of the easiest breakfast recipes the average person can try. Spending a few minutes to prepare the recipe before bed means you will wake up to a ready-made breakfast. Another practical idea is to make Norwegian Risgrot Rice Porridge. This festive riding pudding is not only soul-satisfying but also a heart-warming treat that is impossible to dislike.

4. Spinach Pancakes

Spinach pancakes aren’t just a healthy treat for the weekend but also pleasant for your eyes and taste buds. Bright green spinach pancakes can keep you feeling full for a longer time. You can try this weekend recipe by blending an egg, a cup of spinach, and buttermilk. Add the mixture to a teaspoon of baking soda, whole wheat flour, and powder, and spice up the taste with some sugar and salt. Make sure the mixture has a smooth consistency, and pour a ladle of the pancake mixture on a hot pan greased with oil. Cook until the pancake appears golden on each side. Finally, serve the indulgent breakfast with your favourite condiment; feel free to experiment by drizzling some maple syrup on the mixture.