Bouncing Our Way Into Summer With Moon Shoes

My daughter is completely fascinated by space. Astronauts, planets, the sun, the moon if it's in our galaxy she wants to know about it. I think it's important to teach children about space in order to help them develop a sense of wonder and appreciation for the universe. So what better way to let her imagination run wild than by launching her to the moon?

Well, kind of! Can anyone else remember Moon Shoes that most kids had back in the 90s? Well, they're back for the new generation of excitable children to take off to new heights. For those of you who don't know, Moon Shoes are basically mini trampolines for your feet. With a little imagination, they can simulate the experience of jumping on a trampoline or walking on the moon

So we are excited to bounce our way into summer with these Moon Shoes. Not only are we going to have so much fun jumping around the garden, these shoes will help reduce our screen time too - something we really need to do. So we are happy to be teaming up with Character Toys on their Stay Active Campaign to explore some family-friendly toys this summer. 

The Stay Active range features family-inclusive activity toys and games that can be played both inside and out, promoting great active fun.  We have already tried a childhood favourite Jump It Lap Counter, but we are excited to try new games like Splash Out, which requires a player to throw the ball to another person to avoid getting splashed out and so many more exciting games. 

By taking part in this campaign will encourage us to increase our fitness levels, reduce our screen time and help with our mental wellbeing too. With the toy range you will also be able to learn new skills that will aid movement, balance, improve self-esteem and most definitely boost confidence. So as you can imagine my space loving daughter was only too happy to unleash her imagination and launch herself into space with these Moon Shoes...

We were kindly send over a pair of our own Moon Shoes. Inside each box you will find two bases, two shoe platforms and one bag of 40 bands. The rubber bands are fed through the slots in the shoe platform, then over the top of the base and hooked onto the posts below. They have an oil coating so they do feel slippery, so hook a thumb into each end of the band to pull and press down over the holding post. There are a full set of instructions along with diagrams included in your box for future reference.

It will take you about 30 minutes to put your Moon Shoes together, not too bad for a trip to the moon! They have been designed for a one-size-fits-all fit, that can accommodate adult shoe sizes and carry a maximum weight of 130 lbs. I'm sure you can guess what that means, yes we will be trying them out too. 

Moon Shoes are something that can be worn both inside and outside. They are best suited to hard, flat surfaces. It would be advisable to supervise your children at all times during play and encourage them to stay on softer surfaces like grass or carpet, until they get to grips with them. A wrong step could result in a broken ankle. 

Before using, make sure your Moon Shoes are assembled correctly and that the bands and velcro straps are securely fastened. It is advised that covered-top shoes should be worn at all times and be fully laced where necessary. The heel of your shoe must be firmly placed against the heel of the show platform and the velcro straps must be securely fastened OVER the shoe.

You must not play under trees, on roads, in streets or other areas where vehicles will pose a hazard. Do not jump off or over objects of any kind. Avoid using your Moon Shoes in colder temperatures as these can cause breakages. It may also be advisable to use protective equipment like helmets, knee and elbow pads. We found out the hard way with grazed knees. 

Moon Shoes are great fun. You can bounce your way into summer indoors and outdoors. As long as you are securely strapped in and take all the necessary precautions before bouncing to your hearts content. My daughter was a little apprehensive when trying them for the first time so we tested the Moon Shoes outside on the grass, for a softer landing! She was a little unsteady and didn't feel if she was confident enough to venture on her own. But sure enough her confidence grew and began to walk on her own. By the end of the day she was bouncing all over the place. 

Moon Shoes have been designed for ages seven and up. However, I think it would be wise to supervise children at all times, to prevent any accidents or broken ankles. Moon Shoes are now available at Smyths and retails at £34.99 which is great value for the hours of fun in the sun with the whole family. How high could you jump?

*We have been kindly gifted these Moon Shoes as part of Character Options' Stay Active Campaign featured but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**