Nuxe Aquabelle Beauty Revealing Moisturising Emulsion.

Spring has finally arrived after a cold winter. It feels so good to feel the warmth of the sun against my face after so long. But with every change of season comes a fresh new skincare routine, its essential to adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

Skin can become dull and tired-looking after a long winter, due to damaged cells building up on the surface. With my dry and sensitive skin type a good hydrating, cream-based cleanser is essential throughout the winter. However now its time to swap to a light and gentle gel moisturiser now spring is here. A fresh cleanse of bases and makeup is needed.

Cream based moisturisers are great for winter when your skin needs extra protection from drier, colder air. With the arrival of spring, it's better to switch to a lighter moisturiser to allow your skin to breathe. Water based formulas or ones containing hyaluronic acid are best. It may also been good to choose a moisturiser with built-in sun protection as the sunny days get hotter.

Finding a great moisturiser is hard at the best of times, but when you factor in a combination skin type, things get even more tricky. You need a formula that’s hydrating but non-greasy, lightweight but still comforting. But where to even begin? With so many options out there, it’s can be confusing.

However. finding a great moisturiser that is good enough to deal with the change of season as well as give your skin exactly what it needs can be tricky. That's without factoring in a combination skin type too. My skin type can be hard to cater for as it is sensitive with dry patches and oily t-zone. So trying to find a good light moisturiser isn't as easy as you may think, especially if you have combination skin type.

So as you may have guessed, I have tried quite a few different light moisturisers over the years. And sometimes you may find a secret gem. The Nuxe Aquabelle Revealing Moisturising Emulsion was in one of my beauty boxes this month and it has been so great for my skin.

This lightweight moisturiser is the perfect all rounder for those with dry and delicate skin. It is 100% plant based formula rich in natural ingredients that deeply hydrate the skin, providing calm, soothing results without any unwanted greasy layer of oil.

The Nuxe Aquabella Beauty-Revealing Moisturising Emulsion is a mild care with a light, bare skin feel that gives combination skin types a tailored to those specific needs. It is ideal for all ages. The formula works thanks to the presence of natural ingredients. White water lily, Complex Blur Vegetal (Oat, Capucine, Green Lentil), Mattifying silica powder. The skin is smoothed, it is mattified, fresher.

The rich formula deeply hydrates the skin, providing calm, soothing results without any unwanted greasy layer of oil. I really like Nuxe and their wide range of products that cater to most skincare types. This moisturiser is the perfect gem to implement into my skincare shakeup for the change of season. 

Have you used Nuxe before? Do you have a favourite product?