The Adventures of Paddington Magazine

The Adventures of Paddington is heart-warming show about being curious, being good to others, and being part of a loving family. Now the nation's favourite marmalade loving bear has finally released his very own magazine, and we couldn't be more excited to get involved with all things Paddington.

The magazine is great and ideal for those that love Paddington. It's a fun, bright and educational gendered neutral magazine aimed at children ages three to six. Every issue has been designed to make learning fun, while helping children develop their abilities in reading, writing, maths, design and more. Each issue comes with Paddington stories to read, easy crafts and recipes, engaging activities, puzzles, a workbook, stickers and lots more. As you can imagine my daughter couldn't wait to turn the pages and get reading. So what's inside The Adventures of Paddington Magazine first issue?

Lots of Learning...

The magazine has been designed to make learning fun, while supporting the development of children's abilities in the seven areas of learning as set out in the statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. This kind of magazine isn't something that we've ever come across before, so it's quite refreshing to see something out there for children starting their learning journey or encourage their skills and abilities further.

Inside the magazine you will find a12 page workbook with some fun learning activities that supports the ABC Learning Curriculum. There's counting, handwriting, spot the difference, stickers with clear bold colouring pages that are great for learning to keep in the lines when colouring. At the end of the work booklet there is also a Paddington Certificate of Fun awarded for all readers who finish their shopping workbook which is a great incentive to encourage them along.

A Story or Two...

It wouldn't be Paddington Bear if there wasn't a fun and exciting adventure to read. We love reading in our house and its something that we do together every night. So we both snuggled up under blankets before bedtime to read Paddington and the Pigeon together. The story layout was really clear and easy to follow with each paragraph being numbered with some bold captions too. There are plenty of bright pictures to help break up the story for younger readers to understand. It also included some handy questions at the bottom of the page to further a readers understanding which reminds me of my daughter's Oxford Reading Tree books.

Play, play and more play...

But what makes a magazine that ever more appealing to little eyes? The free toy of course! Each month you'll find a branded Paddington toy. The first issue comes with a mini shopping set including a trolley, bank card, pin machine, coins, and a mini stand up Paddington, foam milk, cereal and of course marmalade. This mini shopping set has come in really handy as my daughter has just started to learn about coins and money.

Unleash a Little Creativity...

Each issue comes with something fun to make and we love crafts. In this issue there was a Finger Puppet Activity and a recipe to bake your very own Pawprint Cookies. As we were playing shops and learning about money, we wanted to take some time out to make the Finger Puppets together so we could add extra characters into our role play. The craft activity is part of Redan Publishing initiative ‘Take Time Make Memories’ initiative encouraging special family time together creating crafts, recipes and playing games away from the screen.

This jam packed learning magazine has 36 pages filled with whole range of different activities, stickers, games, stories, crafts, recipes and it also includes a 12-page workbook that focuses on a different theme each month. But the best part about any magazine definitely comes down to the toy! A the shopping trolley branded toy was so much fun to play with and has really helped my daughter understand about money whilst having fun with role play too. 

My daughter's favourites in the issue was making the Finger Puppets together and playing shops with the branded Paddington Bear toy. The Sticker Bingo where you had to roll the dice and match up the numbers to the food stickers, it was lovely that we could do these kind of activities together where she could take the lead at times. Every activity inside the magazine is full of fun, educational and different. It is a must have for all younger learners.

The Adventures of Paddington magazine is available from leading supermarkets and newsagents. You can also buy and subscribe online. The next issue there will be a tea party set which I know my little lady will love. Who doesn't love a marmalade sandwich and drinking tea? 

** We have been kindly gifted The Adventures of Paddington Magazine but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**