Aqua Play Lock Box Set

The sun has appeared along with beautiful blue skies and the daffodils are blooming everywhere. It may still be chilly in the mornings but the afternoons are filled with plenty of sunshine. This year is going to be different and we cannot wait to make lots of fun and exciting memories with my two favourites and the pup.

We live for those sunny afternoons playing in the garden together. So we thought that it was time to cut the grass, plant our sunflowers and dig out all the garden toys from the shed. We have collected quite a few over the years but we've always wanted to create a little water play area for our daughter but unfortunately we don't have the space. 

Water play is always something that my daughter naturally gravitates towards. Its both enjoyable and educational. It helps develop eye-hand coordination with math and science concepts. It also enhances social skills and encourages cooperation. That's without the fun and excitement that comes with splashing and sploshing in water. My daughter loves water play, but as we don't have the room to create a space for water play we have the next best thing with this new toy from Aqua Play

Aqua Play is a versatile water toys with lots of different features to keep little hands busy. It’s brilliant as an independent play toy and my daughter knew exactly what she needed to do without any guidance. There is a wide range of different toys in the Aqua Play collection including starter canal systems, lock boxes, mega bridges, ports, more accessories and extension that can be added on to any other set. 

The Aqua Play Lock Box

This Aqua Play Lock Box has been designed in a portable lockbox that opens out to create a water canal system with gates, bridges, cranes and working locks to move the boats up and down the different levels. A little hippo called Wilma comes in the set with a boat and cargo so little ones can learn how to move water through the locks, go over the bridges and pump water through to help her float.

Its aimed at children aged 3 to 7 so its a great toy for my daughter. As soon as she opened it up she was in complete awe of all the gates and especially loved spraying the water from the pump at our puppy Winston, who of course joined in with the fun too. My daughter loved playing with the Hippo that comes in the set, but she has already asked if we can get Wilma a little friend to play with. 

Inside the Aqua Play Lock Box

So inside the box there is a 2-in-1 waterway and transport case. It includes a reservoir with hand pump, port basin with crane and container, hand crank with large paddle area, small bridge, driveway ramp. There is also a container boat with cargo, a amphibious vehicle and figure hippo called Wilma. The contents can be placed in different areas of the box and you can purchase a variety of add-ons or extras. We have already seem a couple of other sets that we would love to get such as the Adventureland, Container Crane as well as Lotta and Nils.  

The Aqua Play Lock Box is easily expandable and combinable. I love the fact that it come all in one handy carry case meaning that it doesn't take up much space in storage or it can be taken along on adventures for a playdate in the garden. It is so easy and simple to set up and comes with easy to follow instructions inside the box.

We love our Aqua Play Lock Box so much that we haven't actually put it away. I’d rather keep it open so my daughter can play to her hearts content and fill up with water if her and Winston get too excited with the splashing and spraying. Until we get Lotta and Nils my daughter has also brought some other water friendly toys into the mix too and really unleashing her imagination. 

** We have been kindly gifted The Aqua Play Lock Box but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**