Twisty Girlz: Transform From a Stylish Girl into a Sparkly Bracelet with a Simple Twist

It was a little while ago that we discovered the Twisty Petz which are bejewelled petz that can be turned into a sparkly bracelet with a simple pull on the head and tail. As soon as the two ends are pulled together you will have the cutest fashion accessory. But now there is a brand new way to twist with these adorable Twisty Girlz

What are Twisty Girlz?

These Twisty Girlz work in the same way as the Petz Collection, however these are fashionable dolls that transform from a cute girl into a very sparkly bracelet with a simple twist. Not only do these Twisty Girlz comes with stylish clothes and the coolest hair style, they come with their very own Mystery Twisty Pet. My daughter is a really big fan of collectibles with Hatchimals, Shopkins, Fingerlings, Num Noms and Funko Pop! So I know that these Twisty Girls will be no different.

There are 8 dolls to collect; Krystal Kool, Kitty Katt, Glitzy Bitzy, Lea-Purr, Lil Gems, Beadbox Betty, Calli Coco, and Princessa Tessa. Each Twisty doll has a different style, outfit and hairstyle. Inside each pack you will see a collectable doll that transforms into a bracelet, a cardboard carrier with a pet that transforms into a ring, a lead as well as an instruction manual and a collectors guide. 

These Twisty Girlz are aimed for children aged four years and over. They will certainly appeal to children that love collectables and as each pack retails at £9.99 they are great value for hours of fun. We were kindly send over Glitzy Bitzy and Kitty Katt that both came with their very own secret pet. Twisty Girlz transform from a stylish doll into bracelet and back again. Simply pull the skirt from the top and twist around to connect into the head, and you can wear her as a bracelet. 

Mystery Box Inside

Every Twisty Girlz doll comes with a super cute mystery pet. As you can imagine this was my daughter's favourite part in the pack, she loves surprises and blind bags. It could be a unicorn, a cat, elephant or even a puppy. That was half the fun. Then all you needed to do was use the lead to connect the doll and pet together or twist the pet into the cutest little ring. 

Glitzy Bitzy

As you can imagine my daughter couldn't wait to get these dolls out to get twisting, she started with Glitzy Bitzy. It's not hard to see why she picked this one first as she has the most glitzy outfit with her purple glittery skirt and a metallic silver top. And her hair, wow! Bright pink and lilac all tied back with the cutest unicorn headband. The hair felt just like cotton thread, so you could brush through with your fingers or a wide comb.  

With a few simple twists, the Glitzy Bitzy doll becomes a trendy bracelet. Now I will be the first to admit as a bracelet they seems a little odd as you pull the skirt apart from the bottom to then twist around to pop it into her head. But my daughter loved it! The doll also had a lead attached which could be hooked onto your secret pet. It wasn't long before she noticed that there was a secret box inside the packaging, she open the boxed and discovered a little unicorn which she immediately began twisting into a ring. Very fashionista! 

Kitty Katt

Next we opened Kitty Katt which was my favourite. With a similar design to Glitzy Bitzy but she had a black and silver glittery skirt and a black top with a small cat and whiskers design. Kitty Katt also had some really fun and vibrant hair colours with bright pink and purple pigtails, pull back by a cat headband to complete her look. My daughter loved this doll and said that Kitty Katt reminds her of Harley Quinn. 

So can you guess what was inside Kitt Katt's surprise box? I bet you did. Of course Kitty Katt came with her very own black kitten with vibrant pink beading. My daughter named the new kitten Ham because apparently all she will eat is ham. 

These dolls are great for a children aged four and over. Especially if they love collectables, animals and pretty, glitzy accessories. We both had fun transforming the dolls into bracelets and than back into little fashionista dolls. At a RRP of £9.99 they are such great value for hours of twisting and playing. They are an ideal gift to pop under the tree for a stocking filler. The range also includes rare and super are dolls that are all sold separately. You can buy the Twisty Girlz from Smyths, Amazon, The Entertainer and Argos

** We have been kindly gifted Twisty Girlz but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**