Race with Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition

So if you have a young child and an internet connection, chances are you are aware of Ryan's World or at least heard of him. For most of us that have seen more Ryan videos that we can count, you know all too well how crazy little ones are for Ryan, his channel, and the toys. 

For those not in the know, Ryan is one of the leading child influencers on the planet. Ryan’s World YouTube channel features nine year old Ryan, and his family that boasts 27.2 million subscribers. It all started when Ryan became obsessed with unboxing videos and asked his parents if he could start his own channel. As the channel began to grow in views and subscribers, so did everything else. Ryan's World has become one of the biggest YouTubers on the platform. Not to bad, considering it all started from one little unboxing video. 

Now, Ryan's World is a lucrative empire that has expanded into TV shows, clothing, toys and most recently launched into games. Even though Race with Ryan has been out for some time that experience continues to grow with the arrival of Race with Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition.

What is Race with Ryan

Race with Ryan is a kart racing game aimed at a similar audience to his YouTube channel, featuring many of the same supporting cast with footage of Ryan and his parents. This game has been available for some time on Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBOX and the PC, however a deluxe edition is now available. 

This game reminds us of Mario Kart so we knew that we were going to have lots of fun and really get competitive. But this is just as much fun as we went around collecting Ryan's famous Mystery Eggs filled with Burger Shields, Sticky Slime, Trick Surprise Eggs and many more. Ryan’s World really comes to life and it’s every bit as colourful, fun and fast as you imagined. 

The racing takes place on six different tracks with four brand new tracks with the deluxe edition. You can choose from Fantasy Park, Treasure Island, Wild West, Ryan's Playroom, Toy Shop, Spooky Land and with the deluxe edition you get Icy Land, Redwoods, Big Apple and Route 66. All tracks are well designed with lots of imaginative detail and available in both forward and reverse versions. 

There are a variety of difference characters to race, including Policeman Ryan, Pirate Combo Panda and Gus the Gummy Gator plus many more can be unlocked as you race your way to the top. With the deluxe edition there are 12 new USA-themed drivers including Alaska Ryan, Montana Panda, and New York Lexa. Each character has two or three different vehicles to pick from such as trains, helicopters, rockets, cars, trucks, boats and so much more. 

The Modes of Play

There are three different racing modes in the game. Fast Race was simple and straight forward with racing controls, auto-acceleration, auto-steering and tutorial mean everyone can play, even me! It was really easy to select the track, character and level difficulty. The Random Race mode was basically the same sort of racing but you location, track, character and vehicles are automatically selected for you. 

We spent most of our time playing together in the Career Mode as this was great for the split screen races and you could have 2-4 players racing together. There are six cups to aim for, and each has three difficulties. The first three cups are Pizza Cup, Toy Master and Formula Fruit have three races in each. The Hook Prize and Hot Dog has four races each and the Royal Race final championship has all six tracks back-to-back.

The multi player mode lets you play with up to four players but setting this up on the XBOX was a little tricky to figure out. But after trying a couple of things we soon realised that we needed to sign out, add a guest and sign back into our account to select another player to join in the game. 

Race with Ryan Partttttyyyyy

Not only did we get to download the game we were kindly send over some goodies to host our own Race with Ryan Parttttyyyy. There is always time for a little party, right? So we made a few nibbles, set up some games, and got ready for an afternoon racing against on another with our Race with Ryan challenge. 

We were send a Ryan's World Combo Panda Mystery Playset too, which was sooo big. It was a lot of fun to unbox and set up as you got to use different codes to get to different parts of the toy. I can't say it is something that my daughter has ever played with, so it made a change to the usual role play toys she loves. It was exciting, easy to follow and my daughter liked all the surprise toys. This Panda Head Playset is available at Smyth's Toys for £34.99. See our review here. 

After a little unboxing fun we then did some colouring and puzzles. Before starting our own Race with Ryan challenge. We were sent a few toys cars and a very long race track mat that went across our living room floor, we then took it in turns to roll our die move along the track. But to up the stakes we took our challenge a little further and zoomed our cars along the mat to see how far they could get, unsurprisingly most of our cars ended up off road. 

Our Thoughts

We really loved playing Race with Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition. The game is bold and bright with very striking colours for all the elements of the scenes and for the characters. Ryan's World really comes to life, and it's just as colourful, fun and fast as you imagined. Every location and track was perfectly thought out with a real attention to detailing in the scene. The characters and vehicles were fun and exciting to choose and the fact that there was so much choice with their own personality and ability was great. We did have a little troubling setting up the multi player mode. But after trying a couple of things we soon figured out that we needed to sign out, add a guest and sign back into our account to select another player to join in the game. So if you love racing games, you will love this game. 

** We have been kindly gifted Race with Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition and Toys but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**


  1. I've heard of Ryan's world, but it seems to have skipped my kids attention. I've seen the huge range of toys in the Smyth's catalogue. I think Ryan's world has something for everyone!

  2. My kids love YouTube and watch things like the Norris Nuts but I can't recall Ryan's World, although I imagine they must have heard of him!

  3. My son has been watching Ryan for years. He's been showing me all the toys that Ryan has available to buy when they advertise them. The racing game sounds like fun. Something my son would enjoy.

  4. My kids love racing games and they love Ryan so I could definitely see them enjoying this game. Might have to pick this up as a Christmas treat

  5. oh wow , i actually did not heard of it , but now i am glad i did as i am just about to start christmas shopping kind regards Pati Robins @ style squeeze blog

  6. Race with Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition sounds like a great game for kids! My nephew is a game lover, so he will definitely love this game.

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  7. Yes my kids watch Ryan! I love the toys that they bring out, some really good ones. But my kids don't have a games console yet.

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