Billie Blush AW20 Collection

We are just back from our little autumn walk in the woods, relishing in all the changing colours of nature in the fresh crisp air. I love all the colours and the beauty that comes with autumn. It's the start of so many things that we look forward to every year. Pumpkins, cosy blankets, autumn tones, pumpkin spice lattes and the autumn walks. And to make sure that we collect as many pine cones, acorns and conkers as we change, we dress in warm clothes. 

No autumn adventure is complete without a good pair of wellies and a cute and practical raincoat that keeps my girl warm and dry while we explore. But a bright sparkly coat has to be the only way for our little girl to go on an autumn adventure, right? Thanks to the new Billie Blusg AW20 Collection, she can be comfortable and super stylish. The French brand kindly sent us some pieces that are just what my girl needed for her Autumn and winter wardrobes. 

About Billie Blush

Billie Blush is a French brand designed for girls. But it is more than cool and totally different from what you have ever seen in the past. Billie Blush has a unique style with beautifully bright colours, bold patterns and fabrics with lots of sequins, metallics and all the sparkle a girl could need. Billie Blush is very distinct that brings a fresh new twist to girls clothing. 

Kids Around have launched their Billie Blush AW20 Collections that are fun, beautiful and full of surprises. With coats that sparkle, brightly colour sweaters to spinning skirts, sequins and all that glitters. This collection has everything you will need over the autumn and winter, but you will be comfortable and feel super stylish. 

Billie Blush Sparkly Hooded Raincoat Pink

I had you at sparkly, right? This beautiful pink hooded raincoat is a perfect choice for my little girl. The raincoat features a hood with fleece lining making it the perfect coat for those cold, wet days! On the back of the coat there is the Billie Blush print on the hem in a flourescent pink. I'm not even kidding when I say that her new coat was talk in the whole class, now every girl wants one. 

We have been looking for a good raincoat that can prepare us for all types of weather. This Billie Blush Hooded Raincoat is a perfect all rounder as its waterproof and will keep her warm on those chilly days but she will feel so comfortable and look great. Practical, yet stylish. 

Billie Blush Tulle Sequin Skirt Red

I am absolutely in love with this red tulle skirt. It is covered with sequins. The skirt has an elasticated waistband with iridescent stripes, making a great style for comfort and the stripes will sure appeal to little girls. You could pair this with a long sleeved roll neck cream jumper or top, or pair with a printed cotton t-shirt. Either way, it looks very pretty and such a cool items for autumn and winter. 

I really love the quality of the tulle skirt and the sequin touches in the tulle made this piece stunning. These finer details were great while the garmet is light and soft making more time for lots of spinning and swishing. What little girl doesn't want to spin and swish around in a skirt. This was by far our favourite part of our photo shoot as we really had so much fun with it. I told her to go run and be a little silly and you have notice that in the midst of all the jumping, spinning and swishing she fell over and got a little dirty. I don't think we have ever laughed so much, it was a really fun photo shoot.

Billie Blush Tulle Party Blouse

Last but not least we were kindly send over this lovely tulle blouse, isn't it gorgeous? Made of shiny tulle, it is embellished by a sparkly shooting star patch on the front. The cuffs and pleated collar add an extra touch of refined charm.

Tulle design perfectly and the big star embellishment on the collar really make the blouse look more exquisite. The gathered cuff just add to the elegant feel of this blouse. But what I loved with this blouse is that it can be paired with a cream tights, trousers or even bleach coloured jeans for a more causal look. The Tulle Party Blouse is suitable for a wedding, party, first communion, baptism, birthday or even to wear over the festive season. This piece is so versatile and looks so adorable. 

We found the Billie Blush Autumn Collection so unique and full of fun and vibrant colours. The brand offers some classic pieces that are essential for this time of year, but also offer a range of pieces that are super stylish for those special occasion. The collection feels and looks luxurious, and many of these pieces are so versatile. A great combination for those who want to look stylish, be comfortable and feel unique. 

** We have been kindly gifted these pieces from Kids Around but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**