5 Great Tips For Picking a Unique Gift

Buying the perfect gift isn’t always an easy process. You need to think carefully about everything from your budget, to what sort of present is suitable for the occasion. It’s easy to get so flustered as you search for the perfect present that you end up giving in and going for something “safe” instead. While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to spa-style gifts, flowers, and chocolates, those gifts can look a little impersonal when you’re trying to make a meaningful statement. The good news is that finding a unique present doesn’t need to be a nightmare. With the right inspiration and a little direction, you can find something that blows your friend or loved one’s socks off.
1. Start Small

When you’re trying to buy the ultimate gift, it’s easy to think big, like huge experiences or days out that your friend will never forget. However, sometimes it’s much better to start small and think about ideas that hit a little closer to the heart. For instance, your friend might love the chance to ride in a hot air balloon – but feel pretty bad that you’ve spent so much money. On the other hand, if you buy them a custom-made jacket with their nickname on that you gave them in school, they’ve got meaningful, nostalgic, and not too over the top. Start small and think about the things that are going to mean the most to your friend or loved one based on the relationship that you’ve built.

2. Personalise It

Want to make sure that no-one gives the same gift as you at the next big celebration or event? All you need to do is go a little more personal. These days, it’s much easier to buy custom versions of the products that your friends or loved ones would appreciate most. You can get a leather jacket that has your friend’s named embroidered onto it for about the same price as a standard leather jacket. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, then consider getting a box of brownies baked in their favourite flavour, then write their name on each chunk with chocolate. The options are endless. You could even just have someone’s initials placed onto a backpack or a new tie. Personalisation can make the most common gifts more special.

3. Go for an Experience

As we mentioned above, not everyone will feel comfortable getting a big experience as a gift. However, if you’ve got the cash, and you’re looking for something unique, there are a lot of options out there for experience-style presents. You could treat someone to a wonderful meal out, enjoying the food that they love most. Or you could look into a lesson that that person would enjoy – like a class on mixing cocktails. These days, most of us value experiences more than physical possessions anyway. Spending some time with the people that you love is a great way to show them how much you care, and it might mean much more than a standard gift.

4. Look in Different Locations

If you generally shop in just one space, then you might find that it’s helpful to expand your horizons and look for other places to find potential gifts. The ability to shop online these days can open you up to a wealth of options that you never considered before. These days, there are tons of different solutions out there that go beyond your standard bouquet of flowers. If you’re not sure what to buy someone you care about when you want to deliver something unique, it might be a good idea to broaden your horizons. Take a look online and see what’s trending in the areas that your friend or loved one is interested in. You could even see whether people on digital marketplaces are producing anything interesting that might make a good gift idea for you.

5. Get Some Insights

Finally, if you’re really not sure what someone might want in terms of a unique present – talk to them and the people who know them. Most of the time, people have a lot of great ideas to share on the kind of gifts that they’d love to receive, they just don’t have an outlet. You could even find out whether your friend or loved one has a Wishlist on a site like Amazon. Alternatively, follow the person on social media and see whether they’re sharing any information lately about the kind of products they wish they could buy!