7 Must-Haves Supplies For a Puppy

Everyone knows that puppies are cute and adorable but becoming a dog owner is a big responsibility. But to make sure that your puppy settles into their new life quickly, you need to be organised and have everything they possible need before collecting your new pup. 

We have had our puppy Winston a few weeks and it has been full of exciting adventures. Our first few days with him was quite worrying as he became lethargic and started to lose his fur, but a change of food with a daily vitamin added into his diet he became a different puppy. We discovered that Winston was allergic to grains which did mean a lot of changes - but we did our best to be as prepared as we could. Winston has had his last vaccinations so we can take him along our adventures,  and now we have started lead training so there are a couple of essentials that we need to stock up on. 

Mikki Care Magic Dog Bed.

All dogs and puppies love to snuggle and this bed is perfect for that as it provides enough support and security for our boy Winston. It’s incredibly soft and well padded on the sides and the bottom. The interior edges are deep enough that he can burrow and snuggle into it. At first Winston thought that it was a toy or a blanket but now loving how soft and snuggly his bed is. We use this laying flat and use the cord to bring up the sides, however that cord became a bit of a problem as our puppy wouldn't leave it alone. There is a little pocket that you can tie the cord and place inside, but my inquisitive puppy always manages to find it and chew. So we have resorted to taking the cord out altogether and using the bed as a mat which we place inside his crate for bedtime. 

Mikki Car Harness

If you follow our latest posts you will know that we have just come back from our little staycation in North Yorkshire, which was also Winston first holiday. Like with children, we wanted to be as prepared as we could as we made the four hour journey up north. We didn't want him to be overwhelmed with the journey so we tried to keep him as entertained as possible ensuring that we stopped for toilet break regularly, we also needed to take our time with the stops as it was a hot day. But like with most things, safety comes first. There are a number of products out there that are perfect for dogs and their car safety.

For short car trips, dog seat belts are easy (and quick) to put on and take off, while longer trips call for a full car harness. The Mikki Car Harness ensures safe and comfortable car journeys for you and your dog and clips in to your car's seatbelt system. The chest belt is padded to offer maximum protection and the clever swivel link allows your dog to turn around without getting tangled. 

Mikki Recall Training Lead

Dachshunds can be very independently minded dogs. Who knew? While their unique spirit gives them a lot of character and can provide hours of entertainment, it can also make them resistant if you do not approach training with the right approach. Even though we have had Winston a few weeks, we can already tell that he had the mind of a toddler and attitude of a teenager - meaning he can be one stubborn pup at times. 

We started lead training as soon as we could fit a collar around his neck and would walk up and down our living room. As soon as he had his last vaccinations we ventured out into the open and he was such a good boy. However we now feel its time to go one step further and begin recall training which isn't going to be easy with our pup. The Mikki Recall Training Lead is perfect for teaching recall and controlling our puppy from a distance. With double crossed box stitching for extra strength and durability which can stand the test of time and those little nibbles he loves to do with his leads. 

Mikki Grooming Brushes

The earlier you can get your puppy used to being groomed the better! A good shampoo and conditioner for your puppy can really make a difference to their skin and coat help preventing diseases and other health conditions. Not forgetting a soft bristle brush that will be gentle on your pups new skin. The Mikki Porcupine Brush has a combination of soft and hard nylon bristles to enhance grooming action and reduce any excessive brushing force. As our miniature dachshund only has a short coat and because he lost a little first in those first few weeks due to an allergy this brush is perfect for his coat length and condition.

The Mikki Smooth 'n' Stroke Glove is a dual purpose glove to invigorate the skin while maintaining a healthy coat. The rubber bristle pad massages and cleanses the skin and the velvet finishing palm catches loose hairs and adds shine. At every possible chance our puppy would pull it off and run away with it because he though it was a toy, but after a couple of grooming sessions he loved it and actually fell asleep. 

Nylabones Starter Bones for Puppies

Puppies love to CHEW! But if you decide to get them for your pup its all down to preference. For our dogs we have always used Nylabone as they have a whole range of chews and healthy edibles. They are really good to prevent destructive behaviour, anxiety, and to strengthen teeth. But seeing as our puppy is a few weeks old we wanted something that will help with teething but without causing damage. This Nylabone Puppy Twin Pack are a great starter for our puppy that has a veggie flavour bone that can graduate to the chicken for a life bone once our puppy is ready. 

Winston also loves this Nylabone Puppy Chill & Chew which is lamb and apple flavoured that features colour-changing soft material that are especially catered for puppies. These chews are designed to help encourage proper chewing habits, discourages destructive chewing and help clean teeth. You can also pop this bone into the freezer with the colour changing technology showing when the bone is frozen for an extra dimension to a teething chew

We have loved every second with our puppy Winston and at times it does feel as if we have a baby. toddler and teenager rolled into one. But we know that there are more adventures ahead of us, so its good to know that we are prepared as we can as he grows and develops.  

**We have been kindly gifted these products but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**


  1. We got a bed, and put a hotwater bottle and alarm clock (for the ticking of a heart beat) in it and the pup slept there for maybe a month. Then she worked out our youngest daughter wouldn't kick her off her bed so she promoted herself to therapy dog and full fledged family member. Now I have to tuck the dog in at night too...ha!

  2. Lovely items for any pampered pooch. We would love a dog but we are just out too much to make it work.

    We tried an imaginary dog to encourage us to walk, we've had it for 4 weeks and it has not been walked for about 26 days! We would be terrible pet owners!

  3. His little face is so cute and funny on every photo! My children would love to have a pet but as you said it's a big responsibility and I don't thing we're ready for that!

  4. Oh my gosh Winston is the cutest dog ever!! These all sound like really useful products, also good idea walking Winston on a lead in the house before he was allowed out. This post has made me really want a dog!!xx

  5. It's a long time since I had a puppy. They are definitely a big commitment, but worth it!

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  7. Oh these photos are just too cute! Good tips!

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