The Puppy Essentials That You Really Need + Free Checklist

Are you getting a puppy? Bringing a puppy home for the first time is always exciting, but can be pretty daunting too. Everyone knows that puppies are cute and adorable but becoming a dog owner is a really big responsibility. But to make sure that you puppy settles well into their new life, you must make sure that you have you will need for your new pup.  This ultimate puppy essential list full of must haves that you really need for your new addition, we have even included a free handy checklist to make it easier for you. 


Puppies love to sleeping and napping so they will of course need a new comfy bed. Whether you're crate training or have a designated place for you puppy, giving them a bed from the first night can really ease them into their new surroundings. There are literally thousands of different beds to choose from to help your puppy feel safe and secure, but you must make sure it is big enough for them as they grow. We have a Miniature Dachshund so we knew that we only needed to get a small soft plush bed for him, however you could get a more sturdy bed like a wicker or plastic - but bare in mind they could be tempted to nibble on their new bed. Much like a baby, puppies love a soft fleece blanket so they cuddle with it on the sofa or floor. It is also good for travel so they can be comfy in the car.


Most puppies needs a high quality diet that provides protein, moderate fat, and limited carb content in addition to meeting other nutritional needs. There are hundreds of dog foods that you can pick from such as dry food, wet food, raw food or a combination of them. You could look for a food alternative to give them healthier puppy food than the chub rubbish much like our the breeder was feeding our pup on. Or, maybe your pup will hates kibble (like mine!) and refuse to eat it altogether. Research with the food is an absolute must. 

Again, there are hundreds of choices and brands when it comes to food. Autarky offers a good range of hypoallergenic and naturally balanced recipes that contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The Delicious Chicken Puppy was our choice as it was packed with good ingredients providing high-quality protein and is balanced to supply moderate energy levels which encourage steady growth. 

After a couple of weeks with our pup we began to noticed a change in his coat and condition where he become really lethargic, his skin was flaking away and even losing his fur in patches. We were really worried and we took him to the vets who advised us to switch to a grain free diet and his condition has improved so much. 


Fruit and vegetables are a wonderful healthy natural treats for your pup and most of those are already in our kitchen. However if you'd prefer to get them something from a local pet store there is an abundance of choice. 

Chews? Puppies love to CHEW! But if you decided to get them for your pup is all down to preference. We don't mind and came across Earth Animal who offer a whole wide range of natural chews and treats for dogs made with only simple ingredients. The No-Hides® chews are delicious, durable and easily digestible they are healthier and long-lasting they make a great alternative to rawhide that pets love. So far, we have tried the No-Hide® Wholesome Chews in the flavours Chicken, Salmon and Beef. They are lasting him ages and at £3-£4 you can't really go wrong. Come on just look at that little face...


You can use any dish for this, there are some bowls specially designed to provide a non-slip grip, a nice low but wide opening, even bowls to slow down your dogs eating if they tend to inhale their food. Winston did have two stainless steel bowls but because he was so small his ears would touch the edges of the bowl and scare him. So we got him two deep set ceramic bowls that didn't scare him as his ear flapped on the sides, not only that but they helped to slow down his eating which make mealtimes less crazy. 


Puppy training pads are a god send for any new puppy owner. They will literally save your floors and carpet from accidents while your new puppy masters toilet training. They are super absorbent and designed to encourage dogs to do their business on them instead of on your floors. Start by placing the pads near your their bed and as time goes on, slowly inch each new pad towards the door or designated toileting area. 


Should we use a collar or harness? When it comes to Dachshunds, choosing the right one for was really important in keeping him comfortable and safe. In reality both will do what they need to do but it really down to choice. 

As our puppy is so small getting him a collar wasn't easy, we needed to smallest one possible for his teeny neck. But somehow we managed to get a coastal blue leather collar and lead from Pets at Home for an absolute steal of £11! 


The earlier you can get your puppy used to being groomed the better! A good shampoo and conditioner for your puppy can really make a difference to their skin and coat help preventing diseases and other health conditions. Not forgetting a soft bristle brush that will be gentle on your pups new skin. If you plan on clipping them too make sure you seek advise from a professional groomer or vet to ensure you know what you need to do. We also have this Puppy Fresh Spray which is a deodorising, vitamin enriched puppy spray that helps to reduce odour and keep puppies coat fresh, clean and healthy between washes. It smells just like baby talc. 


All dogs have to go to the toilet at some point in the day, not picking up after your dog is against the law, so you’ll want to clean it up pronto. 


Required by law, these are usually metal discs that will have your dog’s name and your contact details on them. Not only do ID tags look smart but they also help others get in touch with you if your puppy ever wanders off. You can get these made in pet stores, local key makers or even on Ebay or Amazon. 


Puppies love to play so making sure you're stocked up on toys to keep them entertained is pretty important. Fun and functional, puppy toys are a MUST  as you don't want your puppy eating your new curtains, rugs or cushion - my pup tried eating the washing basket too. Be prepared. We have got our puppy a good mixture of soft toys, rubber ones and mini tennis balls. Without doubt, the Puppy Kong is a must have as it’s designed to be a chewing toy, but can also be filled with treats and used as a ball to teach your puppy to play fetch.


If you plan on ever travelling with your puppy by car, then you must securely fasten your pup for their safety. A harness lets you attach them to a seatbelt while a guard prevents them climbing over onto your backseats. As we had to travel a couple of hours to collect our puppy we used a travel carrier too which could be fastened to the seat belt, much like a booster seat to help keep them in place during the journey - just make sure that you add in a puppy pad for any little accidents. 


A crate is not for everyone however if you are planning on crate training or travelling with your puppy then a good crate is an absolute must. Not only will a crate be a great training tool it will also provide a space for your puppy to feel safe and cosy. For the most part we will be taking our puppy with us on our adventures, however for those times he is unable to come we will use a crate as he will be secure and won't eat the house. 


As much as you love your new four legged friend they will have accidents indoors, so you must make sure that your are well equipped to deal with those stains and odours in your home. There are a few great ones that you can get on the market, but one that controls odours and get rids of stains is your best bet. We have this Wee-Away Pet Stain and Odour Remover that rapidly neutralises and eliminates without using harmful chemicals. 


Finding pet hair on floors, furniture, and clothing is a common pain point for pet owners. But there are plenty of ways for pet owners to keep their homes fresh and clean. Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver is the first pet hair remover for washing machines, and it will be something that most pet owners will appreciate. Using active oxygen, Vamoosh breaks down hair in the washing machine, leaving pet bedding, towels and blankets hair-free and clean.


If you take anything from this post, please make sure you and your pup are protected. Puppies need a lot of vaccinations in their first year and they like to eat ANYTHING in sight - so making sure you have the right insurance is so important. We had our pup three days and we've already been to the vets twice! However, you could also looking into puppy care plans to help cover costs on a monthly basis - it has helped give us piece of mind. We have signed our puppy to the Complete Care Health Plan with Vets for Pets for all the healthcare essentials, expert veterinary care and cost savings on routine treatments.

Owning a puppy is a real adventure, but by making sure you are prepared for anything then those first few weeks of settling into their new life will be a smoother transition. Brining home a new puppy is always exciting, just make sure you are prepared. Don't forget to download our free checklist to ensure you're as prepared as you can be.