Blast into Summer with Stomp RocketⓇ

There is no doubt that the summer of 2020 will be different to any other summer. No one was expecting a season of cancelled holidays and social distancing. Swimming pools being closed, stadiums and live music events have not fans. It will be a summer like no other. So of course you want to be sure to keep your family and other families safe this summer in such strange times, but even things will feel completely different this year it doesn't mean that there are not some fun and exciting ways to have fun. 

As the warm and sunny afternoons are still upon us, it has made us realise that we need to make the most of summer, especially before normality resumes in a few weeks. If a summer needed to go out with a bang, it's this one! There are endless activities that you can do this summer that will bring you hours of fun. 

But we knew more than anything we wanted to make the most of afternoons playing outside in the sunshine. It is always fun, super exciting and there are so many opportunities for children to learn and development from all their surroundings. From a walk in the woods, to playing at the park or going on a scavenger hunt. The great outdoors gives children plenty to explore. 

And exploring is exactly what we have been doing and making some wonderful memories together during the process. As things seem to still be pretty restrictive many families are are unable to live spontaneously, everything needs to be planned or pre booked making finding the fun, well not as exciting. 

But one change that has been pretty exciting for us is welcoming our brand new puppy into our home. We decided that now our daughter was old enough and have been asking A LOT, we got her the best birthday present a girl could wish for. We are all so in love with our new puppy Winston and he really has changed the dynamics within our family. Everyday we take him to the local park as a family, he still has a lot to learn about the world but he really is becoming such a lovely little puppy. 

Our walk this week was a little different as I had a little surprise in store. Stomp Rocket!!!! What is more fun that running, jumping and stomping to launch mini little rockets into the sky???

For those who don't know, the Stomp Rocket is THE toy that you NEED. Every family needs to try this Stomp Rocket at least once to see how much fun you can really have without some kind of fancy gadget, or the need to part with those pennies. Stomp RocketⓇ really does launch rockets 400 feet into the air. Yes really! You and your family will have so much fun together trying to launching these rockets into the sky. This Stomp Rocket is 100% child powered so there is no need for any batteries, fuel or any charging. Winning! As well as being great fun, it’s also a way of encouraging children to take an interest in STEM subjects. So that they can become the engineers, technicians and astronomers of the future.

Inside each box there is a Stomp Rocket launch stand, a launch pad with air hose and 3 super high performance stomp rockets designed by aeronautical engineers. It was so easy to set up, all we needed to do was add the air hose to the launch stand and we were ready for blast off. We popped the black tube into the rocket launch and then pop the rocket inside. A run, jump and stomp was all that was needed to launch our rockets into the air. They can really go up high into the sky!

We also tried using Stomp Rocket in our back garden but these rockets are really powerful and can go so high into the sky which did mean that our rockets did end up in the neighbours garden a few times. So personally if you want to get these rockets high into the sky then they are best suited in a wide open space so you can get the most out of launching, just watch out for their landing. 

Ok, I'm not even ashamed to say this but this Stomp Rocket is NOT just for children. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even puppies can have just as much fun, if not more. Does anyone needs an excuse to unleash their inner child every now and again? Stomp Rocket is also a great way for a healthy competition between family members and rocket launching. It is pretty addictive. Who can launch their rocket the furthest? For us, of course my husband, the big kid won. But he did has a lot of practice runs. 

As well as being great fun, it’s also a way of encouraging children to take an interest in STEM subjects. So that they can become the engineers, technicians and astronomers of the future. So before you welcome autumn and start carving pumpkins and wearing your cosy sweaters, take some time to say goodbye to summer and get a Stomp Rocket!

There’s flying fun all day and night for the younger kids with Stomp Rocket Junior Glow. This set of four foam-tipped, glow-in-the-dark rockets soar up to 100 feet! Battle for the title of strongest stomper with Stomp Rocket Duelling Rockets. This set comes with two launch pads so friends can face off simultaneously, sending their rockets up to 200 feet. While Stomp Rocket Ultra lets you run, jump and STOMP to launch four foam-tipped rockets up to 200 feet in the air.

The Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes includes three unique planes: the Looper makes giant loops; the Glider does tricks and glides over 100 feet; and Wild Cat flips, turns and soars. Learn by changing the launch angle, by stomping harder or softer, by launching with wind or no wind. Unless you'd prefer to play indoors with the Stomp Rocket BLO-rockets. These have 4 in 1 games such as Catch A Rocket; Distance Launch; Target Practice; Dodge Rockets. It really is lots of fun and now all available from Amazon, John Lewis, Hamleys and Toymaster.

What do you think of the Stomp Rocket?

**We have been kindly gifted some of these products in the list but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**