Making Christmas Magical with Hooray Heroes

Christmas shopping can be a stressful time, the town centres are filled with people and with so many options available online, it can all be a little stressful. If you want to get a unique gift they’re guaranteed to love, why not go for something personalised? If you're anything like me, opening a gift from a loved one that is a little more personal means such much more. It shows that they have put a lot of thought and love into a gift for you. That’s exactly why I love going down the personalised route for my husband from our daughter.

A personalised gift is so much more than just a gift. It can truly express what someone means to you and this year we wanted to create something that my husband will love and cherish for years to come. However, we've already done cups, prints, cushions, wallets and no end of key rings so this year we wanted to get him something that he wouldn't expect. That's why this personalised book is THE gift that my daughter and I can create together for my husband this year. 

Hooray Heroes is a company that has come up with a pretty unique way to share a little magic with loved ones through sweet stories about a special little person in their life. There is nothing more magical than a child’s imagination. It is limitless, glorious, and incredibly precious. Hooray Heroes and their personalised stories spark both imagination and self-belief. They are so simple and easy to customise to members of your family and friends that will sure bring a smile to their face when they lay their eyes a gift they may not expect. 

At Hooray Heroes, each child becomes the hero of their own story, who doesn't want to be a Hero? These personalised books that star your little one as the hero of the story, will whisk parent and children off to a land of endless imagination. Every Hooray Heroes book is an inventive challenge in itself and we had so much fun getting involved with designing process that each and every story included are really personalised to our individual characteristics. It's like nothing I have ever come across before. 

As this personalised gift was going to be from my daughter to my husband it only felt right that she got involved in the designing process with the 'When Amelia Rose Grows Up'. The reason why I adored this Daddy Edition book was that it has been designed to completely dedicate the stories from the child to their father. Each creator can choose up to ten stories featuring their little hero such as becoming a football player, a ballerina, a vet or even astronaut. Just to name a few. 

The personalisation of our book was simple and straightforward. We were able to make changes the names and features of the Dad including skin colour, hair colour and style, eye colour, and include extra features such a freckles, a beard or glasses. So you can really cater to individual characteristics and style. We then moved further down the page and did the same for our little hero! 

After you have changed the characteristics of each character, you then got to choose up to ten stories to include in your personalised book. There is even a place for you to write a small dedication to your loved one where you can write a special meaningful message or write some well wishes. Hooray Heroes have included prompts to help you come up with a dedication for that special someone or prompts for different occasions such a birthdays or Christmas. One the very first page shows the small dedication with a really sweet cartoon Daddy you have created looking into a baby cot 

It's beautifully written and the illustrations immediately grab you with every detail and marvel at how stunningly gorgeous they are. As we turned page by page my daughter slowly began to notice the all the different things that she could become as she gets older, she was absolutely captivated by the adventures of discovery with professions. The illustrations become a big part of the book as the readers can point out certain things in the different stories. These brilliantly bright illustrations are a great way for smaller children to learn about different jobs, different places and animals as they read through the book. It’s a delightful book full of wonderment!

* The book featured in this post has been kindly gifted to us, but all thoughts are my own. *