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Joules Printed Margate Floral Stripe Wellies

As a child there is always something so tempting about splashing in puddles. Now that that we are in the throes of autumn with plenty of showers to splash and leaves to kick, a pair of wellies are an essential part of my daughter's wardrobe. However she has had yet another growth spurt especially with her ever growing feet so now we need some new wellies. 

When buying a pair of wellies, we don’t just want them to be waterproof, they also need to be robust, have thick soles so they don’t tear and leak and have a good grip. There are so many great brands, styles and colours out on the market that sometimes trying to choose an ideal all rounder can be overwhelming. But a brand that you cannot fault on their designs, their size and their quality is of course Joules. 

These Joules Printed Margate Floral Stripe Wellies are such a statement of the Joules brand. They come in a beautiful Joules box, beautifully packaged, and are available in such a lovely range of styles and patterns. We chose these gorgeous navy and floral stripe ones for our daughter as she has a slight obsession with everything floral at the moment. We have always loved Joules and their funky bold designs, you cannot really fault their amazing quality and practicality when choosing wellies for the school runs. 

These Joules Printed Margate floral stripe Wellies are the perfect for the school runs, splashing in puddles, kicking leaves and those woodland adventure walks. These boots are made from 100% rubber ensuring that the are waterproof, a great feature about this particular design is the buckle adjustable strap that can be adjusted for an easier fit. A well-designed pair of wellies that can make you feel comfortable, look stylish and with the rubber soles they will certain be a great addition to any collection of boots and wellies. As I have mentioned they seems really sturdy and have an outstanding quality about them. The fit is true to size and my daughter had said that they feel super comfortable and soft inside. However on her left boot her little toe did feel a little snug, but after a couple of adventure the pressure eased off her little toe. We would highly recommend Joules for a pair of wellies. The quality is outstanding, they look super stylish and are 100% waterproof, which is what we all need in a pair of wellies. 

What do you think of these Joules wellies? 
12 comments on "Joules Printed Margate Floral Stripe Wellies"
  1. Those boots are super cute! #KCACOLS

  2. The wellies are SO cute! I love Joules, they have the loveliest designs.

  3. They are so adoreable and perfect for this whether X #kcacols

  4. WE've all had Joules wellies before, they are very stylish, not really welly like at all! #KCACOLS

  5. OMG! How cute are those boots! Love them!


  6. Joules really do make the most gorgeous wellies. I'd almost be a bit sad to get them muddy! #KCACOLS

  7. These look gorgeous! My daughter found some Peppa Pig ones that she is currently obsessed with. Heaven forbid when they are too small hehe #KCACOLS

  8. I don't understand why more brands don't have that strap. It really makes a huge comfort difference #KCACOLS

  9. I want a pair of these for myself, I love the colours and design! x #KCACOLS

  10. We love Joules in this house and we always buy Joules wellies. They're such great designs and they are definitely made to last! #KCACOLS

  11. These look brilliant, The strap is a great idea #KCACOLS


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