Well, Muggles! It's Finally Time to Feel Like a Real Wizard and Join in The Magical Fun.

Calling all muggles! Calling all muggles. If you're not completely obsessed with the magical world of Harry Potter then this post may not be for you. But for the rest of you muggles that love the wizarding world we have something special for you. To say that the Harry Potter series is popular would be putting it mildly. The books and movies are a worldwide pop culture phenomenon and nothing has caused such a craze as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I remember reading it for the first time and being completely engrossed in the wizarding world reading about flying letters, wands, sorting hats, to potions, a changing staircase and even an invisibility cloak.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to disappear with a flick of a cloak? Well, muggles! It's finally time to feel like a real wizard and join in the magical fun with this WOW! Stuff Invisibility Cloak. This one is just like Harry's invisibility cloak when it made its first appearance in the Philosopher's Stone when Harry received it as a Christmas present. Who remembers the first thing Harry did with the cloak? So you can imagine our excitement to finally be able to feel like a real wizard and disappear. 

The WOW! Stuff Invisibility cloak comes with a free downloadable app. All you need to do is simply enter the unique authentication code that comes with the invisibility cloak on the app, follow the instruction and set the scene. Have you ever wanted to recreate those iconic scenes, well with the amazing invisibility cloak you can!

The WOW! Stuff Invisibility Cloak measures 139.7cm meaning that there is plenty of material for eager wizards wishing to disappear. The cloak is made from two high quality layers of fabric with one side being black and grey patterning, and the other side being lined with green silky material - the side where the magic happens. When the patterned side of the invisibility cloak is facing the camera it will be visible on screen. However, when you flip your cloak inside out so that the green lining is facing the camera, whatever or whoever is hidden beneath the cloak will magically disappear on screen.

You can view, take photographs or film family and friends through the app on your smartphone or tablet which all can be saved onto your camera roll. The Wow! Stuff app is suitable for smartphones or tablets running iOS 11 and Android 5.0 and above.

Setting The Scene 

Downloading the app is simple and straightforward, however setting your scene can be a little tricky at first. Inside the box you get a set of instructions, the cloak and a phone stand that is fully adjustable with rubber feet ensuring that it doesn't slip. However we needed to use a different phone stand for our magical fun due to the position of our scene we needed something a little taller than the one provided.

Once you have your camera in place, click the WOW! Stuff app and follow the instructions. To set the scene you need to make sure that the camera view doesn't include any moving people, toddlers or moving objects. While you are setting the scene you must keep your phone or device as still as possible, the slightest movement can reset the scene and you have to start all over. After you have set the scene then click the camera icon below to start the invisibility mode.

Now the real fun can begin. You can choose to take a photo or video when recreating those scenes with the cloak. Or record up to ten minutes of invisibility fun and there is even a countdown option to help you if you are the one behind the camera and the one in the cloak. It did take us a couple of times to get the process right, but in no time at all we soon got the hang of it all. 

I cannot tell you how much fun we all had with the invisibility cloak, that's not even including the kids. The cloak is aimed at children of six and over, but I think that older children and most adults will have more fun. The WOW! Stuff Invisibility Cloak and free app can take a little time to get your head around, but once you do the fun can really begin. We tried being creative with a household broom, levitating books, lanterns, pumpkins and even a toddler. Why not try and create those iconic scenes or become a floating head? The WOW! Stuff Invisibility Cloak normally retails at £45.99, but at the moment it's only £29.99 on Amazon and Smyths so grab yourself one now before they are all gone. I'm sure that this cloak will be on every Harry Potter fans Christmas list, if you're still unsure take a little peek at our video below to see how it all works. Just remember this cloak is not just for kids. 

We just wanted to thank Living with the Clarks for their help with making this video

** Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted our WOW! Stuff Invisibility Cloak  but as always all views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the opinions of any entity. All images and video are subjected to copyright ©2019 .**


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