How To Make a Christmas Book Advent Calendar

I have been wanting to do a book advent calendar for some time, but never seemed to get around to actually planning for one. However with my little book worm really getting into books and is fantastic at blending her words since starting school, we thought that now would be the perfect time to try and create a book advent calendar. Every night without fail we will always have story time, it's like our extra bonding time and it's something that we will always do together. For us it's the most important part of our day. So for the month of December, my daughter will unwrap a new Christmas book to read before bed. 

The Christmas book advent calendar is a collection of 24 Christmas book to read each day during advent. Select books based on your family's age and interest. We like to add a few new titles each year, but we stick with a core of traditional favorites. When beginning your book collection, you may want to search charity shops or check out books from the library. As I embarked on this project, I discovered that we already had 10 Christmas books. I would only need a few more to make a complete set. So began the task of scouring online for more Christmas books. We now have more than enough books to countdown to Christmas. We are very excited. I think it's such a great way to encourage children to read and I know that this is something that she will appreciate in years to come. 

Next up, you need to wrap them all. You can be as creative as you like but wrap them and secure with tape on both ends, try not tape the actual book just in case the little people get too excited. Once your books are wrapped, label them 1 to 24 or simply pop them in a sack and let the little one pick one out each night. With my daughter I think I will just leave one under her pillow each night so she doesn't want to open the entire collection before bedtime.

Some of our favourites 

The Girl Who Saved Christmas - William Thomas Thach

The Night Before Christmas - Clement C. Moore

The Nativity - May Eliot

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Quentin Blake

The Little Lost Robin - Elizabeth Baughley

A Christmas Wish - Julia Hubery

The Christmasaurus - Tom Fletcher

The Christmas Story - Ian Beck

How The Grinch Stole Christmas - Dr. Seuss

The Snowman - Raymond Briggs


  1. I always think this looks like such a lovely idea! We do an activity advent calender every year, but this year that's been so much harder as my son is at school now. I think I may try a book one next year - I love Christmas books!

  2. Such a lovely idea and so easy to do! I've never done this before but I think my kids would really enjoy it.

  3. I've seen a few people do these and its such a lovely idea. My girls love to read and they would love it.

  4. Such a great idea for counting down to Christmas.I hope you enjoy all the books xxx