Decorating Our Christmas Tree

Every year, we see some kind of trend when it comes to decorating your home for Christmas and this year is no different. From the traditional red and green to something more extravagant to the most minimal decor. The Christmas trends changes each year. So depending on your taste and what trends you prefer you can decorate your home and give those cherished ornaments a new twist.

Since moving home with my husband we have always picked a very traditional Christmas decor each year with red, gold and green. It's a classical look and one that may tend to choose for their homes. Together these colours can gather many interesting ideas when it comes to decorating your home. You can go for a classic decor in red and green with gold accents throughout, hang red and gold baubles from the tree, or put some green and red garland along your staircase. There are so many ideas that you can use in your home. But seeing as we have been very traditional for more than ten years, we thought that we needed to embrace a little change.

Rather than settling on traditional colours of red, gold and green we decided to step outside of our comfort zone and change the Christmas colour scheme. We wanted more metallics with rose gold, coppers and pinks. Now whilst decorating and placing the soft rose gold pieces onto the tree, it did feel a little strange at first but watching the light twinkle with the fresh look gives us such a Christmas feeling. Rose gold, copper and gold are so in the moment, and these colour seems to be having a major moment when it comes to Christmas decorations. I know this has probably to do with the beauty of millennial pink, and the blush tinted metallics have been cropping up everywhere. So we are embracing the change ditching traditional and choosing a more simple and sleek look that I am totally in love with. Personally, for me this colour scheme is dreamy, elegant, classy and will work in any home. It captures the magic and wonder of Christmas beautifully.

Rosy shades have taken over the festive decor aisles in most shops, it's hard to not want to add the warmth of such shades to your Christmas decor. But also it's a kind of welcoming break from the traditional red, gold and green. Elegant tree decorations, beautiful flowers, and the most delicate tree toppers and ornaments have had a major make over, and end result paired with greenery is the perfect touch to a festive look. You may notice on the top of our tree there are two robins these will always be on our tree these are for my Nan and Grandad as they both adored Robins and it's our way to try and include them even though they are no longer with us. 

Why don't you make some changes to your Christmas decor and go with some new trends this year. A trend that I have been seeing more and more of is a neutral Christmas decor that is simple but sleek. If you're looking for a modern and chic decor then neutral and minimal may be the best option for you as your Christmas decorations match your house decor. However, you could choose a more colourful and modern Christmas decor. A rainbow decoration will make a room pop, you could even take a unicorn obsession and dress you tree with pretty pastel colours adding a unicorn horn at the top. Perhaps add gorgeous flowers or bows instead of traditional baubles and many are even choosing to add a feather bowers instead of tinsel. However, I do love a bi of tinsel on my tree, as you see my decorations and tinsel really compliment one another. 

I would love to see your decor for Christmas? Are you traditional? Or are you trying something new?

Me Becoming Mum