BOOK REVIEW | The Girl Who Saved Christmas by William Thomas Thach

One of the most magical parts of Christmas has to be the stories and my daughter adores books. Every night we will read a bed time story together and she loves them even more because they can take on a Christmas theme. I was thrilled that my daughter and I got an opportunity to read a new magical Christmas story, The Girl Who Saved Christmas. What would happen if one year all the children found themselves on the naughty list?

I was very excited when the book arrived in big red packaging with a beautiful thank you note from the writer - a lovely touch. The book cover was a deep red velvet that was embossed with gold writing, it also had a gold read ribbon and a privacy clasp which made it all the more festive and will be sure to become the perfect Christmas classic.

The Girl Who Saved Christmas is a festive tale that begins with Santa being disheartened after finding out that the world's children have been naughty. Santa decided that no children would receive presents and orders the elf to load the sleigh with coal. That was until he meets a very good little girl called Molly McAme who reminds Santa the real meaning behind Christmas 'marks the birth of a glorious child' who taught us that it's best if we learn to forgive. Little ones will fall in love with Molly McAme and the magical story of Christmas forgiveness, this story is such a remarkable treasure that lifts your spirit and reminds us of the joy of Christmas.

My thoughts on the book

Even though the concept of all the children being bad and forgiveness went over my daughters head. The story, the language and the illustrations kept her attention and she would point out what she could see as we read each page. A wonderful story with a beautiful message conveyed through one little girl who was filled with so much love and her power to forgive gave Santa the message so that misbehaving children would still receive gifts from Santa.

The playful rhymes and illustration immediately captured my daughter's imagination and held her attention right up until the last page where she asked if we could read it again, of which we did of course. I also liked the fact that there was a glossary at the end of the book for all those words that children may not understand, and there was also a page for my daughter to write down her Christmas list to Santa. A truly beautiful Christmas tale that's suitable for all ages.

The book is currently only available in America on – however, the e-book version will be available shortly in the UK. In the meantime, you can listen to the full story on YouTube.  It’s the perfect Christmas book to read whilst snuggled up on Christmas Eve in new PJs with a festive hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.