Christmas Tree Hand Print Greeting Cards

Nothing gets you into the spirit of Christmas than a couple of Christmas crafts, and that's exactly what we have been doing today. We love to make handmade cards for our family and friends and it's something that I love doing with my daughter. In the past years we have created some reindeer foot prints, bauble finger prints and  a hand print Santa. These Christmas Tree Hand Print Cards are the cutest handmade cards for children to make, as they are so easy and I know that they will love getting creative. 

It is really so easy to make these Christmas hand print cards. You only need a few supplies to make these and the children who will love getting their hands painted. You can make these on folded card stock or ready made card blanks for a Christmas greeting cards. 

What you'll need for these Christmas Tree Hand prints:

Green Paint
Paint brushes
Green Glitter
Pom poms 

Start by pouring your paint onto a plastic paint pot. Use a brush to spread it out evenly so that the kids can dip their hands into the paint. I suggest having wet wipes and a bucket for washing hands close by too. Or you could grab your green paint and brush the paint on to your little ones hand.

Then simply press the painted hand onto a piece of card or paper, be sure to do one hand at a time and keep the print centered. Before the paint could dry we then added some green glitter to really make our Christmas tree sparkle. We finished our trees off with a yellow star and some sequins and pom poms for decoration. It really is such an easy craft to do. 

You can either use stamp letters for your message on the front and inside your greeting card or get your little one to write their greeting and then you are done. You now have a personalised Christmas Tree Hand Print greeting card!

What do you think of our handmade hand print Christmas cards?