Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration - Gold & Cream 

So are you a type of person who has already wrapped their gifts for Christmas? Now I must make a confession, I haven’t even started! Now I know some people hate wrapping presents but I weirdly like it. Well, not so much the actual wrapping but I get excited to plan the theme and buy all the different papers and ribbons and extra little bits. 

Every year I like to pick a colour scheme and then mix and match their ribbons and tags. Last year we went tradition with red and green. But we used so much wrapping paper it was crazy. Both my husband and I spend quite a bit on the wrapping paper, as it’s was sooo thick! I hate that thin gift wrap. So like I said I like a theme. And this year I thought that I would try and keep to some kind of budget and go crazy with kraft paper. It’s plain, it’s cheap and you can get it almost anywhere. You can choose to add whatever colour ribbons, bows or tags you like.

You can choose silver, copper, bronze and more to add a sparkle to your Christmas this year. But getting your Christmas theme right is all about embracing luxury. Colours such as gold, and champagne, and rich, shiny textures such as glitter, foil and silk. Pair the look with soft ivory, white or cream to create a more sophisticated look. I have to say that it's my favourite look for gift wrapping. 

This year, I most definitely drawn to the sophisticated look of gold and cream. I really love the look of the gold and cream against the plain brown kraft paper, it's very eye catching. The theme just oozes luxury and by adding lashings of foiled ribbon and big bows, and embellish the look with sparkly accessories such as metallic tags really sets the theme off. I just couldn't resist a gold and cream theme. Originally I was going to use kraft paper and white string, but then I saw some of the most gorgeous foil bows, I knew that kraft paper and white string wasn't simply going to cut it. 

The gold and cream theme needed to perfect accessories to enhance the overall look and with a little research we came across some of the cutest gift wrap accessories. First I got this gorgeous gold and cream accessory pack that included two ribbons, six luxury bows and eight gold gift tags. Ideal for for enhancing the wrapping paper on your gift, send your presents with an extra special meaning this year from Cancer Research UK. No gift is complete without a cute luxury gold and cream bows and these ribbon and bows. And as if that wasn't enough gold and cream for the gifts this year we also got some curling ribbon for an added extra appeal. I will save these for the special gifts though. 

I also got some metallic sharpies to keep with the gold and cream theme from WH Smith, I used these to write the tags and to draw little designs on kraft paper before wrapping. I love that you can personalise your wrapping paper. My daughter even helped me get creative with the wrapping paper with hearts, stars and snowflakes. 

If you are in need of some inspiration for some of your Christmas wrapping then head over the pinterest, it's so fantastic for a little inspiration. When it comes to picking a theme pick your colours and then buy your accessories to fit around the theme. I do prefer to mix and match my accessories, however I did get them all from one place which made it so much easier for me. So what do you think of my gold and cream theme?

The accessories featured in the blog post were sent to me for review courtesy of Cancer Research UK, but as always my words and opinions are my own. 

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