BIRCHBOX - October: Days Like These...

Hello and welcome to Birchbox time! This little beauty box presented in a pretty floral box containing so many great products to help you welcome to changing seasons with this 'Days Like These...' beauty box. I have to say that I really love the style of the box, the whole theme with this month's box is officially saying goodbye to the hectic summer and saying hello to the new season. I am so ready for Autumn. As I sit here writing this post I was very comfy on the sofa, with a cup of tea in a very warm mustard sweatshirt. It's all about moments like this. There’s a good mix of products this month, although they’re all pretty small, but the lead product is the Beauty Pro Thermotherapy Warming Gold Foil Mask which definitely adds some strength to the contents. I did receive a Beauty Pro mask in another box and I have to say that I really love how it made my face feel, so I was more than excited for this warming mask. 

If you're new to Birchbox they are one of the main leaders in the beauty box subscription game. Each month you will receive five deluxe samples and travel sized samples and these will be with makeup, skin care, body care or hair care. It's a great way to discover new products that you wouldn't normally come across if it wasn't for this little beauty subscription. So without further ado let's take a closer look.

BeautyPro. Thermotherapy Warming Gold Foil Mask. RRP | £5.95

After trying Detoxifying Bubbling Mask with Activated Charcoal I can pretty much say I am a BeautyPro convert. My last mask left my skin feeling good and super refreshed. So I couldn't wait to try this warming gold foil mask which creates a seal against the surface of the face, allowing my natural body temperature to warm the mask and accelerate the penetration of ingredients into the skin. This Warming Gold Mask is designed to restore and moisturise skin, providing intense hydration for fatigued skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hello I have a four year old who wakes up too early and is having night terrors! I need this.

GallinĂ©e. Hydrating Face Cream. RRP | £34.90

Treat your complexion to the GallinĂ©e La Culture Hydrating Face Cream; a deeply nourishing formula that promises to moisturise, soften and rejuvenate even sensitive skin types. Jam packed full of probiotics that can do wonders for your complexion by helping promote healthy skin function. The moisturiser is supposed to be for both morning and evening, so I was a little surprised when I first used it finding that it was quite a light, creamy texture. I much prefer using something a little thicker at night as it feels more moisturising. But I couldn’t have been more wrong with this one. It is probably one of the most hydrating facial moisturisers I have ever used. I used to get lots of dry patches on my skin, but with this one I haven’t experienced any. It's such a shame how small the sample was though, it's like they are getting smaller. 

Winky Lux. Disco Gloss in Far Out. RRP | £13

OOOOH all the sparkles! I like this one and it's perfect for the sparkle season. Packed with cosmic glitter that’s always pretty, never gritty, this colour-changing gloss transforms before your eyes, from clear to a perfect-for-you-pink. Get your Disco on! Now I do have to make a confession aside from the sparkles I thought that the gloss looked a little cheap. But I was pleasantly surprised it had a nice colour to it and the glitter wasn’t to over the top it felt very great on my lips. The shine did rub off but it left a stain on my lips. Over all I liked it and would definitely use it again.

Daily Concepts. Multi-Functional Charcoal Soap Sponge. RRP | £6

This soap is unique and have not seen it before, let alone used. The Daily Concept Charcoal Soap Sponge is an innovative and multi-functional product. The charcoal soap sponge contains soap on the outside and a sponge on the inside. Especially in these times we love convenience and multi-functional products that make it all a little easier for us. The sponge is dipped in detoxifying charcoal soap that removes impurities from the skin and improves the balance of the skin and restored. You can use this soap sponge for your entire body. You apply it to moist skin and the result is a soft and deeply cleansed body. Besides that you can use the soap sponge well you can also use it in the bath.

Number 4. Lumiere d'Hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect. RRP | £26.25

I've tried other brands of this type of product which often left my hair feeling heavy and dull. This Number 4 Lumiere d'Hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect makes my hair feel soft, manageable and less fly away. I really suffer with my hair.  I have really greasy roots and then my ends are so dry. I really wish I had a mixture of the two all over so I'm always looking for a great conditioner that can tackle the dry ends without adding to the oily top. Normally I just condition the bottom but when you are rushing in the morning for the school run sometimes it is just easier not too. So a leave in conditioner is the way forward. This one certainly packs a punch and left my hair feeling fresh, clean, no oily feeling and nourished. Perfect. 

Joop! Wow! Woman Eau de Toilette. RRP | £39

This powerfully hypnotic fragrance brings out the femme fatale in every woman. The green, airy notes of rose and peony blend with woody spices to create an intense, seductive scent. This is the first time I have tried anything from Joop my husband loves the men’s fragrance and now I understand why he does it certainly a very seductive scent which is a scent I normally don’t steer towards but after smelling this I certainly was hooked right away and unlike some other fragrances after a while they disappeared. But this stayed on me most of the day .

So what did you think? Are you a Birchbox fan? If not, you should at least try a couple of boxes. A monthly Birchbox subscription, with no long-term commitment, costs just £10 (+ £2.95 P&P) per month. 

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  1. Oooh what a fab selection I love the sound of the warming foil mask - it sounds like the perfect way to treat yourself on an autumnal evening or weekend.

  2. This all sounds so lovely - I am always so tempted to sign up to Birchbox, I love the idea of the trying new products that you might not normally buy. I might put it on my Christmas list!

  3. I love my monthly Birchbox! I've not managed to try any of this month's yet, but I'm really looking forward to the face mask. My skin is looking very tired right now (I have a teething baby, enough said!)

  4. What a lovely subscription box, even the packaging is pretty. The face mask sounds amazing!

  5. wow what a beautiful box filled with gorgeous products!

  6. The selection is amazing! I'm thinking about getting a subscription box for my sister as Christmas present xx

  7. Everytime I read about your birchbox It makes me want to sign up again to the monthly box. Ypu always get some amazing products xx

  8. I’ve always looked at these and thought it would be nice to have a surprise each month. But I didn’t realise the value until you’ve gone through it. I’m very impressed x