First Act Discovery Ukulele and Giveaway

The back to school chaos is gearing up to a close for the first half term, can you believe it? With September so many children are excited about new milestones and new ventures that come with a new school year. After a few weeks trying and get back into the swing of things after school clubs and activities are now going around, so it’s the perfect to time to get organised and figure out priorities and determine what clubs or activities will suits your child.

Now, I don’t know about you but I have a little girl who is completely obsessed with signing, dancing and loves to put on a show. Seeing her little eyes light up at every opportunity has left me wondering whether we should put her confidence into performing into learning an instrument too. We live really close to my brother and my sisters children so it only seems natural that we make it a family affair and encourage them all to get creative and learn something new.

The start of the school year is the perfect time to start learning a new instrument. For one all the children heading back to school into new milestones are normally excited about starting new challenges and prepared to take on many more. It’s a good time for change, and learning a new instruments while the back to school vibes are still going around will help encourage them to head into a new learning experience with a positive outlook. By learning a new instrument can really help build self-confidence, encourage them to overcome challenges and develop new skills.

There are so many different instruments that are perfect for beginners. But for us one instrument that seemed the most appealing was the Ukulele as they are the perfect size for little hands. Not only that, it can be pretty easy to learn a few chords and play some familiar songs in a short amount of time. And with the help from First Act and their easy to follow program we are all getting to grips with the Ukulele. For those who are not aware of First Act they are a premier designer, marketer and supplier of musical products, instruments and accessories from cradle to college.

First Act Discovery is where the music begins. This discovery line is perfect for little ones as they include guitars, keyboards, and the ukuleles, available in various colorful designs and licensed brands. We were kindly gifted this Black Ukulele with Blue Stars and we loved the design, however this is one of many designs that are available so make sure that you keep your eyes peeled. This little Ukulele has guitar-style tuning gears let you tune up and stay in tune. Nylon strings for that traditional uke sound.

Are you ready to join the UKULELE CRAZE?

Why not enter our #Ukulele giveaway for a chance to win.

BThe winner will receive one of two designs of Ukulele picked at random; either black with blue stars or white with blue butterfly design. Why not kick start a new challenge and join us and learn the Ukulele? To enter all you need to do is click the link and follow the instructions.


  1. We love a ukulele. I got one in the charity shop and then my daughter asked for one for her birthday. Love the star design on this one.

  2. My girls would love this! I think it’s lovely for them to be able to express themselves through music

  3. Oh my eldest daughter is obsessed with the ukelele! She has a small toy one she was given but has asked for a 'real one' for christmas and she is so good at practicing! She even watches other children play it on youtube!

  4. Oh wow Amelia would of LOVED this! Such a gorgeous Ukelele! The design is beautiful! x