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Styling a Modern and Minimalist Home Office for a Girl Boss

As you many know, we have been making some big changes in our household and we have been spending the last few months turning our house into a home. Although we have minimal scheme throughout our home and the majority of the decorating is completed, it still feels as if some rooms in our house lack finishing touches. And lately, we have been searching high and low for the perfect touches to add to our home. One room is the main focus for us at the moment is our home office, we both wanted to create a space for me, a space to feel comfortable, relaxed in order to help me keep focused as a professional blogger. There are always ways in which you can create a luxury office space without spending a fortune so this post is all about styling our modern and minimal office on a shoestring budget. In this post you will get a few tips, and great products to use to update your current home office. 

*This post is in collaboration with DESENIO, Use code ‘mimiroseandme’ for 25% off all prints between 14th August and 16th August ONLY! Excluding frames and handpicked/collaboration posters.*

When it comes to creating the perfect home office I am eager to make my space functional yet it needs to work with the rest of the room. I don't really want too many pieces of furniture in the space, and I most definitely don't want the desk to take over the room either. I am hoping to create a space that's well organised and everything has a place so I can feel comfortable, relaxed ensuring that I can stay focused. As a basis for the home office a simple and crisp white design is always a classic option that will never date, and with the right styling it can be warm and inviting space to enjoy. I have decided to go for subtle accents of neutrals and blush pink to give a softer touch to the office, with touches of gold metallics for a cosy but chic room. Texture is another great way to mix-up an all-white bedroom design. Knitted cushions, woolen throws and thick rugs will make a white room look cosy. I can't help but feel that these styles together are a great way to achieve a completely unique look in a white room. 

We have a pretty minimalist look throughout our home but nothing would be more fitting that layer blush pink with gold hues because who doesn't think that this is a match made in design heaven. They are like one of those couples that bring out the best in one another. The gold metallics give the blush pink a bit of edge and the pink brings out the warmer tones of the gold. I'm in love with metallics at the moment, as they bring a fresh new twist to spaces. But not in a way where they give a room a cold and stark feel, gold metallics give a room a warmer aesthetic, but not only that they have an ability to work with any colour palette. 

Lighting is also something that I am really keen on updating, at the moment we have a ceiling light pendant and I am so eager to change this. But seeing as I will be spending a great deal of time working in this office space it makes complete sense to update the lighting, and add an desk lamp too. After all staring at a computer screens and looking through paperwork is definitely going to be hard on my eyes, so finding adequate lighting to brighten my space is essential. Not only will it brighten a space it will also create some ambiance and set the mood in the room. In order to get the most from the lighting I think spot lighting is best, as this way I will be able to adjust the lighting accordingly. IKEA is the perfect budget friendly place for home updates, I am thinking of either adding brass or gold style lighting in the hopes that it will bring out the blush pink and neutral carpet. 

As much as I would like to fill my home offices with lots of decor and things to help me build some character, I actually hate clutter. Throughout my home, everything has a place and dare anything even think about moving it. So as you can imagine I am really keen on keeping the home office style minimalist, simple with a modern twist that shows a little character. Some of the best spaces are just functional, clean and oozes beauty, so a home office needs to show your personality. So once you have built the foundations of the design, it's time to think about getting a couple of quirky touches, remembering that can be budget friendly. There are so many great places were you can find some little touches that don't cost the earth like these faux flowers from Home Bargains for £4 and this Kilner jar. It add such a feminine feel to the room. Some of little bits that was are on my desk were a New York Luxe Candle from Next, it added a touch of luxury and smells amazing. A small rose trinket pot that was given to me by Nan, sentimental and goes really well and a cute little Ted Baker Box which was a gift from my husband. 

A feature wall or desk with illustrations, prints or art is also great place to start. If you're looking to create a little style in your home and you're completely obsessed with the gram and pinterest for inspiration they you would have heard of Desenio. With hundreds of photos, quotes, illustrations and wall art prints to choose from, Desenio have pretty much made it an absolute dream to choose the perfect touches to any space. In fact, they make it so easy with such an wide range of amazing products that it may be hard to settle on just one. And to take it one step further when choosing your art, illustration or print there is a really handy feature on their website that selects the perfect sized frame for your prints, so you don't have to. 

Desenio and their collections are the perfect choice when it comes to styling on home office. As you know the style of room is very minimalist and simple with blush pink, white and neutrals with a feminine and girl boss feel throughout. To coincide with my feminine theme, I wanted to go with a combination of sketch art and a couple of quotes to really create an atmosphere within the room. My favourite print without a doubt is this gorgeous sketch 'Hide' which is a black and white hand drawn sketch of a female, I decided to get this in the largest size 50cm x 70cm. I have to say that this fits perfectly in a feminine minimalist theme, and goes well with this lovely typography poster 'She Designed a Life She Loved' I mean who doesn't like an inspiring quote in your work space to keep you focused. And I really think that this paired with 'XO Black Poster' really sets off the space. I decided to get all of these prints framed in a gorgeous gold and I have to say I am really with impressed with the quality of the frames and prints. 

As the colour scheme is white, blush pink and neutrals I have selected a few pieces for a pine book shelf we already had to contrast those finishing touches. I am thinking about painting this book shelf white, but I can't decide whether to keep it like this or paint it? But for now I have been buying little purchases every now and again and adding them to the shelves. I have picked up a few homeware pieces from places like Next, Sainsbury's and TK Maxx, actually I spend far too much time and money down the homeware aisles. Adding some pretty prints to the shelves really makes a difference. The prints for the book shelf were small measuring 13cm x 18cm and oh my they are pretty darn cute. The first one is the Flamingo Aquarelle which is painted in watercolour and is perfect for the feminine girl boss theme we have in the room. Always be a Flamingo in a flock of Pigeons. Next up we placed the '& Poster' on there too because, well frankly, I really liked it, and I have to say it looks so stylish on the there with my flowers, teacup and candles. Both of these prints were also in gold frames as I wanted to keep to the same frames for any art, illustration or quotes in the room

I’m really happy with my new home office so far, we still have a lot to do. A lick of paint on the walls and paint the handmade book shelf. Slowly but surely the room is coming together really well and sure has a lot of character. Having a space for me is such a great way for me to be proactive and stay focused, meanwhile looking super pretty at the same time. I really think that making a couple of changes within a space can make all the difference. These framed prints really added a certain classy chic feel to the room, at first I struggled choosing the prints for the rest of our home because there was so much choice. You would find it really hard to NOT find something you love. And with prints starting from as little as £2.95 and in sizes 13x18cm right up to 70x100cm, you are going to want to make that order especially as you can get 25% off posters on Desenio with my code! Use code ‘mimiroseandme’ for 25% off all prints between 14th August and 16th August ONLY! Excluding frames and handpicked/collaboration posters. 
17 comments on "Styling a Modern and Minimalist Home Office for a Girl Boss"
  1. I love the idea of a minimalist office. The blush pink with the gold tones look so elegant. The natural accents help to give it such a serene feeling. It is so feminine, comforting and relaxing. I can't wait to see you office when it is done. I bet it is going to look beautiful.

  2. I love the pink and gold tones you have chosen, and the pictures are really suited to the minimalist style. It’ll look lovely when the room is finished!

  3. This makes me want to declutter, which I really need to do! #KCACOLS

  4. Love the flamingo print! I think it's important to design rooms to suit who and what we stand for. I feel a decluttering coming on!

  5. Absolutely adore those prints you have chosen. They look fab! #KCACOLS

  6. The prints look fab! I'm loving the flamingo ��

  7. I have never heard of Desenio but their stuff looks really nice. I love your selection of prints. Pen x #KCACOLS

  8. Love the pink and gold colour scheme and really love all the prints you chose, especially the xoxo one! x #KCACOLS

  9. Oh I have these frames too and I absolutely love them! Such beautiful print choices! xx

  10. These prints are beautiful! I would love to have a art wall in my office but at the same time being minimalistic sounds like such a lovey idea x

  11. We LOVE Desenio, we have several of their prints and also go back for more. They are so affordable and great quality! Perfect to spruce up a home!

  12. So pretty! I love the flamingo print. I wish I could be more minimalist like that :) #KCACOLS

  13. They look absolutely stunning! I'll have to wait until I've finished wallpapering to invest though

  14. I love the prints and your office style. I can't wait to redo my office in a similar style as I love the minimalist look #kcacols

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. I also hate clutter but don't seem to know what to do with it all! Those prints are very pretty and you obviously have an eye for styling, could you come over and make some recomendations here?? :D #kcacols

  17. Oh the prints you picked are beautiful! They look amazing together.


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