Window Screening That Is Suitable For The Media Room

Selecting the most appropriate screening for the home can be a challenge at the best of times and if there’s one room in the home where you need complete blackout facilities, it is the media room. For most families, this would be the living room, where the home theatre sits in all its glory, while some families are lucky enough to have a separate room that is dedicated to watching movies. Either way, in order to fully appreciate that epic film, one needs to block out all of the exterior lighting and there are special blackout roller blinds that are designed to do just that, yet in a stylish way.

Blackout Roller Blinds.

If you want functionality with style, blackout roller blinds are the perfect solution and a leading blinds supplier like Made to Measure Blinds can create blackout blinds UK homeowners can use in their homes. Their wide range of colours and rich fabrics make for the ideal selection and as the blinds are fabricated to your precise measurements, they will fit like a glove.

Choice of Rich Colours  

Not everyone wants black blinds and while they are available, there are also a range of bright and attractive colours and they even have a selection of patterned blinds, making the right choice easy. Roller blinds offer effortless adjustment - you can blackout the entire room with a single pull - and providing the blinds are made to measure, you can almost achieve total darkness, which is the best way to view any film. If you would like some inspiration regarding colour choices in your living room, here is an informative article that offers some good ideas.


You might be thinking that made to measure blinds are expensive, yet with self-installation, they are very affordable. Providing, of course, you purchase them from a leading supplier and the easiest way to locate such a company is with an online search. The supplier’s website would contain all the information you need to accurately measure for the blinds, along with easy to follow instructions for fitting. Of course, you could enlist the help of a professional blind installer, but if you can hang a picture on the wall, then you can fit the blinds.

Alternative Options

Pleated blinds also offer complete coverage and with thick fabric, the blinds do offer a certain level of sound insulation. It is very much down to personal taste, but for efficiency, roller blinds are hard to beat and are therefore, the screening solution of choice for the majority of homeowners who want to be able to blackout a room completely.

Of course, the blinds do need to look like they belong, so when choosing colour, take into account the colours you have used in your living or media room. If you are prepared to do some online searching, you are sure to come across a top quality blind supplier and providing they supply the units made to your exact specifications, you really can’t go wrong.