Sylvanian Families Town Series - Creamy Gelato Shop

Now I must say there's nothing quite like seeing your child play with toys that are as popular today as they were during your own childhood. Sylvanian Families were always something that I asked for on birthdays and were always first on my letters to Father Christmas. These little woodland creatures would keep both my sister and I occupied for hours allowing our imaginations to run wild. And now that my daughter is beginning to enjoy more role play with her smaller toys introducing new Sylvanian families are always a great choice, she's has quite the obsession. Actually when I come to think of it her obsession began at quite a young age in our local toy shop. Pretty much straight away she soon discovered a very large rabbit that was exactly the same as the miniature one she had. Every time we went into the shop she would always make a bee line for her furry rabbit friend for a cuddle or two.

The Sylvanian families have migrated from village life and gone all out in the town series. The Sylvanian Families Town Series includes 22 new products and is the biggest launch in the brands history and we are very excited to be able to add some of these items to our collection. The first Sylvanian Families Town Series to begin our collection is the Creamy Gelato Shop and the Dress Up Duo set.

I must say that this little Creamy Gelato Shop is pretty sweet and this is just one of the many stand alone shops you can buy, you can also stack the shops with other sets in the town series. The Creamy Gelato Shop set includes the building, an ice cream counter, a table, a container to hold two cones and 4 colourful gelatos containers with labels and a scoop. The Gelatos each have a separate piece which can be removed and placed in the cones. The shop is beautiful with all the extra detailing on the walls and floors and includes candelabra lights on the walls too. It's these smaller details that make the range really unique. 

When we opened the box there were a few parts to add to the the Gelato shop and you could choose to add a pavement outside the front or back of the shop, or choose to add more to the top floor. In the box there were also some stickers to add to the Creamy Gelato Shop sign on the front and back as well as the awnings and labels for the Gelato flavours. 

The Sylvanian Families Town Series brings a whole host of new characters too. We had The Dress Up Duo a gorgeous two figure set including Freya and mother Teri Chocolate in their elegant dresses. These little woodland rabbits include hats and handbags too. My daughter is obsessed with this Mama and Lady set and likes to try and swap their hats and handbags to see if I will notice. However, there are many more amazing characters within this collection who have come along since the village series and even have high flying careers. 

Stella, the Chocolate Rabbit older sister works in town and designs beautiful dresses. She knows that everyone loves flowers and birthstones, so she uses those in her designs so that every customer can find a dress that suits them perfectly. Or Laura, the Toy Poodle older sister is a chocolatier. She makes chocolates and sells them in the chocolate shop in the department store. She loves sweets very much. Ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed of having sweets all around her every day. Now her dream has come true! Each of the Town Girls Series is an older sister to one of the much loved younger characters. There are so many to choose from, you won't be disappointed.

Are you a fan of Sylvanian families? If, so what are your thoughts on this new town series?


  1. I also loved them as a kid. These are really sweet. I think I just had a selection of random ones growing up and my older sister made me a house for them which I loved and played with for hours on end �� How lovely to see it carry on to the next generation.

  2. This is adorable! I didn't have Sylvanian Families but my friend had loads and a huge dolls house that they lived in - it was awesome. I love all the little details.

  3. Oh that ice cream counter is adorable! Sylvanian families are so cute and I loved playing with them when I was little too #blogcrush

  4. Elsa loves her Sylvanian Families, they are some of the best toys x