Encouraging Our Little Baking Star with Born Gifted

Usually when it comes to baking sweet treats my daughter will sit on the floor entertaining herself with the colander or other kitchen utensils, but now it's time to get her more involved and embrace the whole baking idea with a little one. Now I must admit, it's not easy and they will get messy so you have been warned. Wash hands, apron on and armed with a cute baking set we were both good to go.  

Now that we are gearing up towards the end of the school year we will have to think of so many activities that we could do during the summer holidays and so baking a few sweet treats is an absolute must. Getting children involved in the kitchen is not only a great way to entertain them, but their time in the kitchen with a spoon mixing cake batter may introduce them to a lifelong interest. I love to bake, as strange as this may be but the whole process actually calms me and the little lady loves getting into the kitchen with me. 

However this time our baking session in the kitchen is a little different. As we have this Baking Star Kids Personalised Baking Set, which is pretty darn cute. The set comes with children sized chopping board, rolling-pin, pastry brush, wooden spoon and spatula and neatly bundled in it's own colourful utensil container which comes in 4 colours, blue, pink, white or red. There's also a miniature recipe card included with two recipes to get them on their way. Every items except the utensil container can be personalised to up to 12 characters. At first glance I have to say that you can tell that the baking set is of a good quality and I couldn't wait to put it to the test in the kitchen to make some cookies and cupcakes. 

As a blogger, you could say that I like to take a photo or two when it comes to activities with the little lady. I am sure one day she will become bored of an iPhone or camera in her face, but until then I shall continue to snap away. So the first task for us was to measure out all the ingredients making it less messy and easier when it came to combining the ingredients. My daughter did a fantastic job mixing all the ingredients together, even if some did go onto the floor. But it's to be expected with a little one I guess. We both thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon making, baking and decorating cupcakes together and I am sure that it won't be the only bake we make together. I love the fact that she has her own little set so we can bake alongside one another. 

Born Gifted stock a great range of fun, age appropriate toys for children. From babies to big kids, from fairies and angels to Star Wars, there’s something for everyone and something to suit every budget. What do you think of this cute personalised baking set for little ones?


  1. This is adorable - my kids are a bit older now but I would have loved this set when they were little it is so cute!

  2. These baking sets are adorable! Reuben would love one!

    Gemma Louise