Ideal Interior Design Ideas for a Family Home

Interior design can be a lot of fun, and tends to involve the whole family. However, it also requires a little forward planning.

You need to get the practical bits done such as your heating and air conditioning first so that your space is comfortable - it’s recommended to get in touch with a HVAC company if yours needs any work. Once these things are done and you know your home will be the optimum temperature, you can focus on the overall aesthetics. Here are some tips:

Play with colour

Family homes should grow with their occupants, so don’t be too caught up in the idea of theming rooms or using block colours. Family homes work better when they’re changeable. Use neutral and forgiving colours on your walls and flooring, and consider bold, bright accessories, furnishings and fabric to add some sparkle. Feature walls are fabulous, as are cushions, throws and wall decals. There’s plenty of time for you to create something more permanent once your family has grown up.

Experiment with texture

Family homes are supposed to be fun, cosy and functional. Playing with textures is a great way to introduce a little warmth and depth into your home while ensuring that your children are able to enjoy sensory experiences every day. Consider wooden or carpeted flooring paired with fluffy rugs, exposed brickwork and wooden beams, and plenty of cosy throws. You’ll be raring to get home each day.

Explore super-savvy storage

Clutter is the scourge of many homes, turning comfortable pads into a hoarder’s dream. While some people can live with piles of paper, towers of washing and item upon item stacked without rhyme or reason, clutter doesn’t make for a fun or functional family home. Gift your children a toy box and hanging storage, which is likely to inspire them to clean up after every playtime. In the meantime, explore under-the-stair storage, floating shelves, storage units and hidden shelving.

Make the most of natural light

Rather than spending a fortune on artificial light bulbs, fairy lights or candles, consider the ways that natural light can be harnessed in your home. Smaller spaces can appear larger and more inviting when they’re illuminated by the sunlight. Window shutters are a great way to harness natural light, enabling homeowners to control the sun’s rays as they enter the home. What’s more, shutters can add a cooling breeze during the summer and keep rooms warm in the winter – as well as preventing nosy neighbours from peeping in. Those wooden window shutters will look fabulous in a shabby-chic, rustic or villa home.

Keep things functional

Sure, you’d like your home to be fun and comfortable, but make sure that the spaces are going to work for you at every turn. Open-plan living is great for family life, helping routines and activities to flow. If your home is divided into rooms, then try to keep walkways and corridors free, and think about how every space is going to be used as you decorate and furnish. Include your children at every turn, ensuring that they have a space to play if you’ll be working, cooking, or having some downtime. Try to keep paintwork and furniture easy to clean and maintain – you know what sticky fingers can do!

Your family home is your haven, your place for fun, calm, reflection and work. How you decorate your home is up to you, of course. However, there’s no reason why you can’t be inspired by some of the amazing interiors that are out there.


  1. NIce post. I love interiors, as you say make it functional especially with children and it can look neat and calm. We had hanging storage at one point and it was crammed with teddies which was so much better than them everywhere.