10 Top Tips To Save For A Budget Friendly Holiday

It’s that time of year again when everyone’s thoughts are turning to the summer holidays and planning their upcoming vacations. Holidays are the highlight of most families and are full of the best memories, but let's face it they can be costly! With school costs, living costs and mortgages to pay, extra money goes on the more important things in life but we all deserve a nice holiday, right? If you're thinking about your family's next adventure but things are tight here are some top tips to save for a budget friendly holiday. 

Now when it comes to saving money, I will be the first one to admit that I am not always great at creating a budgeting and sticking to it.  So much so I can sometimes leave myself short and even at times I have found myself looking at payday loans as a way to help out. CashLady, a leading credit broker have launched their first ever consumer credit index, meaning that media professionals have a unique insight into financial situations of many families across the UK. However, I know that I can manage my money a little better if I actually stick to a budget. Last month I went through our monthly expenses and I must admit we are a little frivolous when it comes to spending money, we never go over budget on the weekly shop, but when we go to town we spend our money on things that are not a necessity! So if we want to be able to have a special holiday with the family, then saving is essential. 

Back To Basics

When it comes to looking for the perfect family holiday when you're watching the pennies considering the basic essentials for a holiday is a must. I'm talking about accommodation, travel costs, tours, food and drink and even travel insurance. It all needs to be a factor when it comes to figuring out what is essential or a necessity and what is luxury. Once you have figured these basics out then you'll be able to budget more effectively.

Invite Outside the Immediate Family 

Consider your family holiday on a bigger scale and ask grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins if they'd like to book into a self-catering lodge or house for a week and split the cost among all the family. Every year without fail my husband and I will book a little getaway in the UK with my parents and we will split the cost, ensuring that the holiday is more enjoyable as both parties are not having to pay for the full cost of the holiday, meaning more money can be distributed on other things. 

Go All Inclusive

When it comes to holidays, we often budget for the big things only to be totally unprepared for the many little extra costs that you accrue on holiday. Things like foods and beverages for example can be a massive cost. Sometimes, they add up to be as much as the entire holiday! The good news is there are so many amazing all-inclusive resorts all around that allow you to properly budget for your entire holiday. Even though dining out may seems like one of the most memorable portion of a holiday, keep in mind that most places cater to tourists, meaning it can be expensive. By choosing an all inclusive holiday package is going to be a cost effective choice when it comes to budgeting for a holiday with the family, it's one thing off that preparation list that you don't need to think about.

Think Off-Peak 

Now this may be a little harder for bigger families and for families with school children, but some school at the headteachers and school discretion allow time off when it comes to a holiday, but is all depends on the circumstances, but always seek permission from the school and headteacher before booking a getaway or you may be faced with daily fines. But travelling off peak will save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds! Research, ask a travel agent and look for flexible gaps in the calendar. If you can travel outside the holidays and school term you’re far more likely to nab a great deal.

Use Voucher Code Websites

I am literally obsessed with these kinds of websites, they help so much. So if you're booking a holiday why not check to see if there are vouchers for your holiday? Not with just the flights, but the package or the hotel either. Some websites can offer discounts on airport parking, bringing down the cost of those added extras that you don’t think of. When paying for your holiday we can be quick to forget about costs at airports, parking and holiday money. By checking for extra savings on day trips, activities and the basics you can save you so much.

Do Your Research

One of the largest expenses during any holiday involves the guided tours that are offered, and even though they are tempting to opt into try and avoid these tours in a bid to save some money. Do your research and look into the area and find out the most appealing spots ahead of time. Being a generation where the internet is at our finger tips, this is far more easier than it has ever been before. By simply printing up a map and marking the best spots, you have just become your own tour guide! You can also save a shed load of cash if you pre-book excursions and attractions online too, this may be a great option if you're still planning on these types of excursions. 

No Frills Still Get Thrills!

During the booking process the airlines normally offer you various extra services to make your flight more comfortable. Many passengers book these extra services thinking they are required to do so in order to complete the purchase of a ticket through the website. Booking your preferred seat, purchasing travel insurance or adding priority boarding all make travelling smoother, but will have an effect on the final price of your flight.

Book a VERY Last Minute Holiday

It often pays to get a last-minute deal. But if you can hold your nerve and book – and then travel just a day or so later, you could get an even better deal. Okay, so this one is tough if you have kids, and there’s a risk involved for sure. But if you have some cash tucked away, and know the places to go to save money for holidays on short notice, waiting for the last-minute holiday specials is a great way to get up to 50% off the cost of your holiday. Last minute can mean literally up to four weeks before you go – but think of the savings! So go and have a little look on the internet for the best late deals, cruises tend to be the better option in this instance. 

Holiday Villas and Apartments are Cheaper

Many families prefer to book a comfortable and spacious holiday home instead of a hotel. Renting a holiday home for your family is a much more affordable and often value for money solution. Booking self catering accommodation allows you to prepare all family meals whilst controlling a budget and you don't have to book several rooms for the whole family. Hotels can have good prices, but if you travel with your family, a holiday home can meet your family's requirements and needs far better than a hotel. 

Destination Unknown... Cheap and Value for Money.

Are your priorities sunshine, a decent beach and keeping costs down? Then choosing to go on holiday in the last two week of the school summer holidays is definitely something you should consider. Not forgetting the destination is always a great way to get the best value for your money, especially if you choose a location that is not overly familiar with holiday makers. From the beaches of Brittany to the Costas of Spain, the rivers of the Ardeche to the sparkling coves of Croatia. There’s a Eurocamp out there that’s perfect for your family adventures, perfect to make some big saving for a budget friendly holiday. However, if camping isn't your thing going to some of the best value destinations such a Turkey are a great option. Turkey is especially a great option for those seeking a budget friendly destination, after all the security fears over the last couple of year it is firmly back on the radar for many holiday makers. Not forgetting places like the big and brashy beaches in Bulgaria, The Algarve or even the Red Sea resort of Hurghada. If going abroad isn't a option or you prefer your holidays to feel like a home away from home, you'll love a cosy cottage retreat or a London city break. Just keep it local with a cheap UK holiday. Sometimes I think we forget about exploring the beautiful wonders that are right under our nose. 

There we have it, ten top tips to consider when you're trying to book a budget friendly holiday. There are always ways in which you can save money when it comes to holidays, with a little budget you can still make big savings after all, everyone deserves a holiday.

I can hear the waves already....


  1. Totally agree with going all inclusive to save money! What a great post :) x

    1. Ah thank you beauty, but yes to an all inclusive!

  2. Really great tips here! We’ve not had a family holiday yet but now I feel confident that we totally can do it after reading this, so thank you! x

  3. Really great tips, thanks for sharing!

  4. these are some fantastic tips! we have our first family get away in the summer in england and I am so excited! cant beat a UK holiday

    1. Nope I agree, you can't beat a summer holiday in the UK

  5. Going on holiday with a large group is such a good way to make it more affordable! We're planning on doing it next year and it's going to make it so much easier x

    Gemma Louise

    1. Ah that's such a lovely idea though isn't it! I love a big family holiday!

  6. I always go for all-inclusive holidays, they just save so much money as you don‘t have any or barely any hidden costs! Xx


  7. This is a brilliant post! I haven't been on a family holiday yet but I will have to keep this in mind ready for when we do xx