6 Ways to Make Your Family Cruise Stress Free.

Ahh The Caribbean! When you think of the Caribbean you immediately think of beautiful white sandy beaches, tall palm trees and those unbelievable turquoise waters. A place that so many of us can only dream of. So why don't you discover paradise with captivating cultures in colonial cities, ancient ruins, heavenly shores with inviting waters on some of the most beautiful islands known to man. But with so much choice, it can be difficult to pick one destination for your next luxury getaway. So if you want to take a trip of a lifetime that only some can dream of, what better way to discover the tranquil beauty of the Caribbean than to take a family cruise. 

And with the increased popularity of family cruises, some many cruise lines are offering more family friendly packages full of activities and amenities for younger families. Cruising with children is a convenient and fun way to explore the world. Many new cruise ships are like floating resorts with so many options to keep all ages entertained. Meanwhile your family is transported from destination to destination, while unpacking just once. What could be better? You could say that going on a cruise with the whole family has never been so easy. Not forgetting that there so many different choices, destinations, itineraries you may want to take into consideration when choosing a family cruise. It comes as no surprise that many families are choosing a Caribbean Cruise because they are usually on a shorter time scale and are jam packed full of family orientated activities at the ports-of-call.

Like any holiday, though, a cruise can go very wrong without proper planning and preparation. Cruise Nation are a pioneer for giving you more for your money, so if you're looking to take your children on a cruise that is great value for money then this is the place for you. By working closely with all of their cruise lines, airlines and hotel partners they aim to give you the best deal, the best holiday to some of the most amazing destinations that you could only dream of. So for your cruise to go plain sailing there may be some things you need to take into consideration before hand in order to make this as stress free as possible. 

Choosing family friendly cruises

When it comes to booking a cruise with children you will need to think about where you will want to go, where you want to leave from, and which cruise line you will want to take. There are certain itineraries, operators and ships that cater for the specific wants and needs of families, so be sure to pick one of these. Be sure to fully research your family cruise as some cruse lines will have a minimum age requirement for the ship and for access to certain activities and any adventures you are planning on exploring off-shore. You may also want to consider that little ones may want to be a part of choosing where your family should cruise and which activities are best, incorporating some of their wishes that will make the famiy cruise unforgettable for everyone. 

Choose the cruise length.

All cruise lines offer cruises of varying length and prices. The cruise length depends on your budget. Most first time cruisers prefer a short trip of three to four nights long to get a glimpse for what cruise may be like. The length of the cruise will also vary depending on the size of the ship, the amount of activities and amenities offered on board and the overall ambience of the ship. Larger ships tend to have more amenities and entertainment options than smaller ships. Many families find a week-long cruise to be best for everyone. 

The early bird gets the worm.

A general rule of thumb for bargains, regardless of when and where you're planning to set sail, is starting your search about six months to a year ahead of your trip. There are a few times of year where many cruise lines drop their rates, have promotions and added-value benefits, such as shipboard credits, free shore excursions, discounts and even room upgrades. Seeing as you'll be travelling with children you'll be able to take full advantage of such deals, so keep your eyes peeled for those offers. Not forgetting to check and sign up for children's clubs and activities as soon as you can. Most cruise lines and operators will have clubs for children of all ages, allowing plenty of relaxation for you and your partner. 

Packing for anything and everything. 

As with any holiday, planning and packing are an essential and you will want to get the packing right. Prepare for everything! Packing for a cruise is very important, because as soon as you're on board, you are limited in what you can purchase. There's no last minute dashes to the shops. And once you have checked in and boarded the ship it could be several hours before you have access to your room or luggage. Be sure to keep a carry on bag with you filled with anything you might need that first day. Those with younger families need to make sure to pack some of their favorite clothes and toys just in case. Don’t go overboard with the toys but a week long cruise is not the time to give up that special blanket, doll or change the bedtime books. These items should be in addition to essentials such as wet wipes, seasickness tablets, identification, cruise documents, medical supplies, swimsuits and sunscreen. 

Food for thought.

If your family has any allergies, or intolerances, you’ll be fine. If you're unsure just notify the cruise line of your issues when making a reservation. You’ll find the standard children's food such as chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and so many more options for the more adventurous eaters or foodies in your group. If you don’t see what you want, ask. When traveling with babies, contact your cruise line with questions about baby food or bottle.

And relax.

Like any holiday, though, a cruise can go very wrong without proper planning and preparation. So for your cruise to go plain sailing there may be some things you need to take into consideration before hand. But once you have all the planning, preparation and packing out of the way. It's time to relax and enjoy that holiday of a lifetime.