Don't Be Afraid Little Snail - Mardles Stories That Come To Life

I think that children born into the digital generation are lucky and are far more intelligent that we ever were. My daughter, like other children are drawn to technology like moths to flame. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's a smartphone, tablet, electronic game or the television. As soon as it lights up, her eyes do too. Have you ever watched a young child use a tablet for the first time? It's actually quite fascinating to see how quickly they can figure out how to navigate around the app or tablet. Even children's programmes have changed, well in comparison to when I was a child anyway. I think we've come a long way from the Rainbow days. But children's programmes today are highly regulated to teach our children an array of activities. They can teach colours, letters, counting, basic morality, teach them how to share, create friendships and to believe they can be who they wish to be. Why wouldn't you want to help encourage your child's learning? There are a countless number of amazing apps that can actually help enhance your child's development, some promote motor skills, enhance memory and pattern recognition. But we can also have a little fun too which is where we discovered the wonderful world of Mardles.

 Who are Mardles?

Mardles are embracing Augmented Reality in the form of books that are sure to bring bedtime stories to life in 3D. The whole concept of Mardles was created after one of the founders discovered Augmented Reality in a furniture shop brochure and wondered why this technology has never been used for children to enjoy. So Sharon along with her tech whizz friend James came up with the concept of Mardles. Since then Mardles has grown from strength to strength and introduced many more fantastic products for children to enjoy. All of Mardles products have been designed and developed within the UK, such as 4D Colouring, Magic Masks, Stickers and stories all coming to life with a FREE app. Sound good to you?

Last year, Mardles released two of their most unique products since their journey began. First was 'Mardles Stories' which are a unique collection of 5 captivating stories full of colourful characters with a moral to each tale. The magic happens when the free Mardles app is held over the pages, the entire scene comes alive in 3D and you can discover more and control the characters by tapping the screen. They also released 'Magic Masks' that take costume play to another level. Turn yourself or a family member into one of 20 3D characters ranging from Fairies and Ice queens to Zombies and Vikings with Mardles Magic Masks. All by simply pointing your phone or tablet at a mask to bring it to life on your screen.

Mardles Stories - Stories with a difference!

A range of unique stories featuring characters from the Mardles World bring you an extraordinary experience in interactive reading. Written in rhyme to encourage speech and language development, these beautifully illustrated hardback story books will capture the imagination of children from the moment they are being read to until they are reading by themselves. Each book includes 5 magic pages that come to life with the free Mardles app which children can interact with in many different ways.

We were sent a beautiful book, 'Don't Be Afraid Little Snail' along with some Forest Friends Stickers that also come to life. My daughter's favourite time of the day is bed time, not because she loves to go to sleep, but because she really looks forward to sitting on my lap to get ready for story time. Ever since I can remember I have always read to her before bed, and now that she's getting a little older she is really beginning to understand the stories and even pick out certain words out. However, this books is going to be a little different that her normal ones and I can't wait to have some fun with the 3D characters.

'Don't Be Afraid Little Snail' is a story about a very scared little snail who realises that the big wide world is not really that scary after all. Beautifully illustrated and written in rhyme to encourage speech and language development, this mesmerising book will astound children of all ages.Whether you’re just beginning to read to your child right up to when they are reading to themselves, this 21st century book will change the way that children enjoy stories forever.

How does the Mardles Stories Work?

Well, it's pretty simple to be honest. The app is free and can be downloaded from Itunes, features no in-app purchases or registration, and once the app is downloaded there’s no need for a Wi-Fi or data connection. This means you can let kids read and play, The app’s also available via Amazon, meaning it runs on the Amazon Fire Kids Edition. Once downloaded that's where the fun begins. Simply point it at any of the magic pages and the entire scene transforms with 3D animation and sound effects. Tap elements on screen to explore!

Each magic page has a small picture of a magical wand where you can simply load up your Mardles app, point it towards the wand and your book comes to life. It really is that simply. As you go through the book, you must remember to click the cross so you can discover what on the next magical pages. It was actually quite fascinating to see how quickly my daughter figured out how to navigate around the book and app and she wouldn't let me have a go. Well, that certainly put me in my place, that's for sure.

The Mardles Stories That Come To Life series has five books will cost ££6.99 each, and will include titles such as; The Copycat Parrot, Stanley The Seahorse, The Egg That Couldn't Wait and The Cow That Said How. They are all rhyming books and suitable for kids aged up to eight, with younger users obviously needing someone to read it to them, but they will soon figure out how it all works.


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