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Rolling Through Adventures with Rookie Pulse Quad Roller Skates

Watching a three year old in skates for the first time is the best thing ever, I don't think me or my daughter have ever laughed so much. But all jokes aside, getting my little lady skates has been something that I have been wanting to do for some time. Roller-skating together is such a fun and healthy way to spend time together as a family. I remember spending so many weekends with my parents, brother and sister at roller skating places when we we younger. We had so much fun as a family and of course there were a few bumps along the way too. And so I wanted to have just as much fun with mu daughter. 

Some children show an interest in roller-skating as young as four or five years old. However seeing as I have a nearly four year [oh that sounds so odd] I thought that we would try and explore roller skating a little. However, my daughter isn't great on her walking feet so I will be holding her hands most of the time until she learns the basic skills. But once she masters the basic skills involved with skating I am sure we will be able to go to roller skating together around the neighborhood, at the local park or at roller skating places. 

So finding the perfect skates was everything. And we were really spoiled for choice at Skates, there are so many designs, fits, sizes not to mention the variety of colours available. We decided to settle on these cute pink and white Rookie Adjustable Quad Roller Skates Pulse. These pretty pink skates have been designed to combine the superior comfort with practical size adjustment making them perfect for little one's and their growing feet. The Semi-soft boot offers ample support and allows natural movement whilst skating. Perfect for any beginner.

These skates were a very big hit with the little lady, mainly because they are pink. So these are perfect for my little pink loving princess and as soon as they arrived she couldn't wait to get them on. But have you actually seen a three year old in skates for the first time? It's the best thing ever. I don't think we have ever laugh so much. After about 20 minutes of mastering a stable stand in her skates, yep she couldn't even stand in them at first, she soon got the hang of skating. In terms of their fit, they were perfect. I decided to get her a size eight which is her actually shoe size and they fitted her so well. Most people decide to buy a larger size, however for her first pair of skates I wanted them to fit her properly without any gaps or spaces. 

These skates feature a combination of three fastenings to ensure the perfect fit. Micrometric buckles, velcros and laces enabling the connection between the boot of your skates and your foot so the more precise the fastening, the less loose your foot will be. The fastening that stood out for most for me was the micrometric buckles closure, which are notch straps that have an adjustable strap for an easy fit, which is perfect for those adventures outside. A well-designed pair of skate boots can make you feel confident when skating for the first time [or at least try to, if you're a three year old] and ensure that you feel stable and most importantly comfortable. At this stage she is still wobbles, she has had a few bumps and she has a lovely bruise on her shin but slowly but surely she is getting there and having lots of fun doing so too. Something that she hasn't grasped is braking, she can't quite tip her foot forward to break but I am sure that this will come with time. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect skates for your little one there is so much consider. And I am pretty sure that this goes without saying, but safety in the most important factor to take into consideration. Wearing appropriate safety gear like a helmet, knee and elbow pads decreases the risk of injury if the child loses control while skating. Let's face it there are going to be a few bumps and bruises along the way before they can become pro. 


When choosing roller skates, you have two options: classic quads or the skates with two pair of wheels, or inline skates, with one row of wheels in the middle of the skate. Both types of skates are popular always consider you little one's age and ability. The primary difference between the skates is braking. Stopping with quads is done with the toe, but with inline skates, stopping is done at the heel. As my daughter is a beginner stopping on the quads in proving much more difficult than I realised, but as they say practice makes perfect. 

While quad roller skates are more nostalgic for many people, they are more suited to indoor skating on smoother surfaces. The skater will be able to skate at their own pace ensuring stability during the skate, even the smallest obstacles can be a problem when it comes to using quad roller skates. While inline roller skates do require some balance, the wheels are faster and made for speed. With the skates all in a line, it’s easier to avoid obstacles in comparison to quads. When you’re looking for speed skates or skate for exercise, you need to be looking at inlines.


There are a few elements to consider when buying skates. Plates, wheels, bearings, stops all affect how some skates will work for your little one. However, an important aspect when buying skates is how well they fit because if you're not comfortable you won't be able to progress. I decided to buy skates for my daughter in her normal shoe size and they fit perfectly. If you do buy skates in a larger size they will give you space between the foot and the skate causing the foot to move just a split second before the skate.  Not only that, skates that are too big can cause all sorts of problems like blisters, shin splints and foot cramp. Skates that are too large also tend to stretch out faster due to the extra pressure on the body of the skate when your feet move around inside.

Roller Skate Maintenance 

By cleaning and maintaining skate will help keep them in top condition for years to come. Brakes are a must, as is proper maintenance. So just like a car, you must carry out regular checks, replace the brake stops, pads, wheel when they wear down. Your toe stops are incredibly important, as they are your roller skates’ brakes! Over time, it’s likely that they will loosen. Make it a habit to check your toe stops regularly, and if they are loose, simply tighten them. Not forgetting that roller skates wheels need to be tight to ensure a safe ride. So, after several uses, check your skates wheels to make sure they aren’t loose. You can even rotate your wheels so they get an even amount of wear and tear. Dust or dirt may cling to your wheels as you skate, and this can make for a difficult glide. 

What age did your little one get their first pair of skates? 
21 comments on "Rolling Through Adventures with Rookie Pulse Quad Roller Skates"
  1. These look fab! I remember having a pair of Fisher Price rollerskates and loving them! It looks like these were very popular, love the photos with big cheesy smiles! :-)

    1. Literally watching her was the funniest thing, EVER!

  2. Oh wow these look fab! My 8 year old would love them!! x

    1. Yes, get some for her! Lots of laughs ahead.

  3. These are taking me back to being a kid and I'm LIVING for these skates! what always photos too!! x

    1. As funnyy as it is watching, I can't imagine I would look like a pro though!

  4. Oh these are so cute! I used to have a pair when I was younger, lots of fun! x

    1. They are so much fun, every child should have one.

  5. Oh my god I had a pair just like these when I was a kid! Put the fear of god into me cos I wasn’t very steady on my feet! Miss being a kid!

    1. I had so many scrapes and bruises from my skates.

  6. These bring back such great memories! I love how cute they are!

    1. She picked them, clearly because they were pink!

  7. I loved roller skates as a kid! Will deffo get Tyler some in a couple of years! xx

  8. these look seriously cool! im sure my pink addicted 6 year old would love these

  9. She looks so cute! I remember loving roller skates when I was younger, I wonder if Ru will love them when he's older too!

    Gemma Louise

    1. Be prepared to laugh, laugh and laugh some more. It's a mixture of bambi/gymnast on an ice rink.

  10. How proud does your little lady look! This is a brilliant and honest post! xx

  11. She looks so cute. I love the way she ride on these roller skates. Undeniably, roller skates are great activities for kids


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