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5 Little Luxuries That Make Me Happy

We all have those little treats that make us happy. Those little luxuries that we don't necessarily need, but we love because they make us feel good and make us smile. They say that life is always about the small stuff and I couldn't agree more. So whether it's pretty flowers in your garden, getting to sit down with a cup of tea, reading a book or finding an old note in a purse. It's all about the little things. And in light of all these little things, I thought that it would be fun to write about five luxuries that make me happy. 

C O F F E E   &   T E A

Yep I am one of those people that cannot do anything productive until a nice cup of tea or coffee.  Who isn't? Actually you could probably go as far to say that I am addicted to caffeine and that it would be pretty impossible for me to function like a normal human being until I have had a cup of something. But for me, my favourite times are when friends or family pop over for a coffee and a chat to get me up to speed what they've been doing or to tell me their troubles. After all, a cup of tea can solves most problems. So a nice cup of tea or coffee is pretty much a daily must have. 


Flowers are one of those things that every household should have, as a blogger you could say fresh tulips or peonies are a big cliché but they really do make a house a home. Flower really make me happy. Where ever possible, I love to buy myself freshly cut peonies, roses or tulips and keep them on my dining table, porch or on my sideboard in the hallway. Mostly though, my husband is kind enough to buy me flowers every week, he knows just what I like. Anything pretty pink or pastel.

B E A U T I F U L   M A K E U P

Being a self-certified beauty addict I actually love all makeup whether it's a splurge or a budget friendly product. My latest obsession when it comes to makeup are beauty subscription boxes, these little gems are probably one of the best ideas on the market. It gives some many of us the opportunity to try products that we wouldn't normally get to try and even make some amazing discoveries. 


I think we all sometimes sit and dream about what we’d treat ourselves and for me it's about buying new things for our home. I can actually sit for hours browsing Pinterest for all the beautiful images that make me want to redesign our entire home. Even when we are out and about, you'll normally find me down the home aisles trying to convince my husband that we need a new cushion, vase or  candle. I am literally obsessed. Whether's it's a fake plant to go into the kitchen window, a new cushion or throw, a new vase or something for my little blogging room I love buying new things to shakes things up in the home. 

T H E   C U D D L E S 

Nothing makes me happier than cuddles with my little lady and my boy. My favourite time of the day is the nursery pick up because she always greets me with the loudest reception and gives me the biggest cuddles and kisses she can give. And then when my husband gets home she loves to be picked up and have our daily family cuddle. Every time she asks for family cuddles my heart melts a little bit each time. How did we create such a loving little girl. 

So these are 5 little luxuries that make me happy. What little luxuries make you happy?
19 comments on "5 Little Luxuries That Make Me Happy"
  1. Coffee & cuddles are two of my favourite things too! Can't go without that caffeine!

    Gemma Louise

  2. I'm with you on the tea and the cuddles - definitely! Plus for me,some exercise, or fresh air in the outdoors. x

  3. Aww I love this post so much! I love all of these things too! I might actually have to do my own version of this post if you wouldn't mind me borrowing the post title?! x

  4. Tea and cuddles! I love a good cold drink when your feeling thirsty

  5. I agree on the coffee! Love a posh, pretty, instagrammable coffee x

  6. Buying new homeware and makeup is definitely such a good treat Xx

  7. Definitely all the tea and cuddles xx i love this list kelly-anne xxx

  8. i am so on board with tea and cuddles! i can't eat anything except for cool liquid right now and i cant pucker my lips to kiss because of jaw surgery last week - didnt realise how much i'd miss kissing and bugging my lovely boyfriend!

  9. Coffee shop dates are my favourite. Nothing beats decent coffee and a bit of cake!!

  10. Cuddles are must have little luxuries that make life that little bit brighter, happier and special. Thankfully I've got 2 little boys who are awesome cuddle monsters that give me the perfect cwtch especially on days when I really need it.

  11. Morning cuddles when Amelia is having her bottle and is nuzzled into me. Minty sloppy kisses after we brush her teeth and when she does a pony impression (this high pitched nay) it's adorable!!

  12. I'm exactly the same with tea & coffee! To me there is no better way to spend an afternoon then having a coffee with friends xx

  13. These are definitely my little treats too, and maybe a few pieces of chocolate added in.

  14. I love browsing homeware on pinterest too! I have so many boards with so many things I want to do to our house! x

  15. Yes to all of these, apart from tea or coffee as I don't drink it! :) x

  16. I'm with you on the cuddles! For me there would be chocolate, hot baths, books and sunny days!

  17. Ah what a lovely post - family cuddles would definitely make it onto my list too! Although, it's a cup of tea rather than coffee for me. LOVE the smell of coffee but it doesn't agree with me to drink it!

  18. Agreed - nothing cheers me up better than a hot coffee.


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