Starting a Bullet Journal with Central Crafts*

Many people may see blogging as a walk in the park, I don't think people realise how much work actually goes into the whole blogging side of things. Whether you blog professionally or blog as a hobby it really doesn't matter, because we all out in so much love, care and effort into our corner of the internet. If you actually sit and think about it, as bloggers we are so much more than just bloggers. Come to think of it, we acquire many roles. A writer, an editor, a photographer, a graphic designer, social media manager, just to name a few. And sometimes, it can be a bit of a struggle to stay on top of things. As much as I love my planner, I need something that focuses more on recording stats, plan blog content and keeping notes of brand work which is why I have decided to start a bullet journal. 

When it came to starting a bullet journal, for me finding the perfect journal was essential. It just didn't seem right to begin a bullet journal in just any notebook, I was looking for something a little more luxurious. That's exactly what I got with Central Crafts, now this is a company who knows all about their journals with over 50 year experience in creating some of the most beautiful personalised leather journals. For any stationary addict, receiving something so pretty in the post would make anyone's day. Central Crafts have an amazing range of journals, in every size available, in different designs and in top quality leather. I am more than sure that their beautiful and luxurious range will cater to almost anyone; for the practical, the doodler, to the list maker and for the more artistic. 

The Capri Collection is by far my favourite, you honestly cannot mistake the high standard of quality when it comes to the leather, that's for sure. The journal was bound in a super soft and superior quality salmon coloured leather with an envelope style cover equipped with a beautiful wrap around closing. A simply beautiful and contemporary collection. The interior contains creamy, high-quality Italian acid-free writing paper which is fountain pen friendly and perfect for writing down all of your thoughts and ideas. My journal is the Capri in size large which is the perfect size for starting a bullet journal, writing and doodling all my thoughts, goals, and ideas in such a creative way. I wanted to start a bullet journal as a way of keeping focused in the hopes that I will be far more productive that I have ever been with my blog. I must say so far I have been enjoying the creative side of keeping all my goals, thoughts, important dates and monthly stats in writing. 

Every blogger knows that you need to plan ahead when it comes to blog content, whether these are seasonal upcoming holidays, events you have coming up or just a way to keep productive. Planning is essential. The bullet journal is a great way to keep focused and productive when it comes to blog content because you can really plan for EVERYTHING. Some people love plan their entire days, and some even by the hour, however I prefer planning this on a month by month basis. I find it's a better way to compare stats, page views and expenses. With my new bullet journal I will be using a monthly planner to check all my goals, both personal and blog related along with a monthly to do list. But I had other pages in mind too...

As well as this new bullet journal I also have a planner, and it's been super helpful in keeping track of my projects and upcoming projects. However, as the months roll by, I tend to forget to email this person or email that person, and so it's not practical anymore. So if I set aside a few pages for my projects where I can narrow down each task I will be able to keep track of each stage, and tick it off my list as I go. By setting out my projects and task this way it won't be too overwhelming at the start and a great way for me to stay focused and know what my next step may be. 

So this is probably one of the most important pages that I will have in my bullet journal. Each month I plan on having a monthly blog master plan that will include my monthly visitors, monthly pages views along with a few social media stats. I will also set aside some space for income, expenses and five of my best posts for the month. By doing this, it will help me to see what worked, more importantly what didn't work and what I could improve on. I also want to make notes of blog goals for the month, brand work, collaborations and set myself goals to hit in terms of social media stats and engagement, upcoming projects and an epic to do list for the month. 

I'm also keen on implementing some blog practices each month. For example I want to note down targets for blog comments on my own blog, commenting on other people's blogs, scheduling posts for the month on a daily basis, and reply to Instagram comments. And hopefully by writing and ticking off these blog practices as I go, soon enough they will become habits. With each month I will dedicated extra time and effort for a different social media platform each month, this way I will be able to stay focused on one thing at a time and not become overwhelmed by trying to set goals of getting a gazillion followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in one month. By dedicating one each month will ensure that they all get the attention they need, including scheduling content and hosting competitions and giveaways. 

I'm not entirely sure if this is something that I will definitely do with my journal, but it is something I have thought about. For each week I will try and list three goals for that week, whether it's posts, pitching, scheduling, guest posts or promotion for other bloggers or brands. By setting something that I am more than capable of achieving will help with focus, productivity and my MOOD! I will list out personal appointments, dates to remember, note down what days I will be posting blogs and any guest posts I am either hosting or taking part in. A to do list for that week, and a quick look at what's coming up for the following week. 

Sometime creativity gets us at the most inconvenient times, normally at 3AM. I think that it would be a great idea to dedicate a couple of pages for blog brainstorming, it's a great place to keep all those ideas in one place. Something that I would list in an old notebook, but now that I have a bullet journal I have the perfect opportunity to keep them all in the same place instead of 10 notebooks! 

I have to say, so far I am having so much fun unleashing my creativity in the form of a bullet journal. It's a must do, for any blogger! It's so easy and simple to set up, and I really wish I had started one sooner. I'm sure you'll get regular updates this year, as I have a feeling it's going to be a new obsession. 


  1. That looks gorgeous, I love the personalised journal. It would make a lovely gift too.

  2. There is so much that goes into blogging, the longer I blog, the more I realise I know very little about blogging. I love your bullet Journal. I think that I need to start something like this.

  3. This looks amazing - I really want to start a bullet journal!

  4. You so right blogging is hard work. I've started a bullet journal this year and I'm trying to document my weekly goals. Still a work in progress but getting there.#blogcrush