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Rock and Ruddle Natural Boar Bristle Brushes

Normally I like to keep my hair care routine as simple as possible, however at times there is a need to venture into the unknown from time to time. I have always struggled with oily roots and dry ends. I have used no end of products to try and nourish my dry ends but these can leave my roots looking very greasy, so greasy that it doesn't even look as if I wash my hair. I wash my hair far too much, it's like every other day! I know, I know. I should be allowing the natural oils do it's thing rather than using shampoos and conditioners to clean my hair. The natural oils to help condition and protect hair follicles and the more you wash them away, the more likely they are stripped away. So a change in my hair care routine is essential, not forgetting about my styling tools too. I have made a recent discovery, namely a brand new brush from Rock & Ruddle

Rock & Ruddle area  hair care brand that have designed a beautiful range of hair brushes that combine natural bristles with fabulous designs and bright colours. The duo behind Rock and Ruddle; Alexandra and Jackie worked together in a marketing department at a leading beauty company decided to launch their own brand. They were desperate to find a good quality hairbrush that was interesting and colourful and ended up creating one themselves. Since the launch of Rock & Ruddle they have grown from strength to strength. Starting out at consumer fairs to test the market and to get to know their customers, then moving on to wholesaling in the UK through such amazing retailers as Harvey Nichols and John Lewis and then on to export. Rock & Ruddle hairbrushes can now be found in department stores all over the world.

So let's talk about these amazing brushes. Rock & Ruddle have created some great quality boar bristles that are strong and resilient, the bristles have a natural stiffness to them ensuring that they glide through the hair. I must say that using a brush made of natural boar bristle has made such a difference to my hair! The bristles themselves have microscopic scales which release and spread natural oils throughout the whole hair shaft. They’re also a whole lot more gentle on sensitised hair like mine. As well as including the natural boar bristles, Rock and Ruddle have also included some gentle nylon tips. They’re perfect for detangling long hair without feeling too rough, and if you’ve got thick hair this is the brush for you!

The brushes come in two sizes, large (£30) and handbag-sized (£20) and more excitingly, a selection of them can also be personalised with a name. Rock & Ruddle have such a wide range of types and style ensuring that there is a brush for everyone. You can choose from vibrant stripes, soft and pretty flowers to a fun and artsy variety or neon prints, animal prints, characters to the oh so in the moment metallics and their recently launched Miss Daisy and Molly range. The choice is endless. After making the hard decision which brush design size and design you'd like you will then have to choose the type of bristle that you want for your new beauty tool. You can choose from:

Natural bristle & nylon tips: 

One nylon tip per bristle bundle to thoroughly but gently brush the hair. For all hair types, great for detangling thick hair.

Pure natural bristle with no nylon tip: 

For people with less thick hair or more sensitive scalps. Also great for small children

Very soft bristle for babies: 

Ideal for the under 2s, only available with the small size brush.

'The Metallics' in Rose Gold // £30*

I'm pretty sure by now, even if you have read a couple of posts, you'll know that I love anything of a Rose Gold colour and so really, there wasn't a choice. A brush as stylish and contemporary as it is brilliant for your hair styling and conditioning. The brush itself was unbelievably lightweight with a wide handle ensuring that you're able to keep a grip as you glide through the hair. I really like the idea that you are able to make a choice when it comes to the bristle, and whether you'd like nylon tips for your hair. The one that I was kindly sent from Rock and Ruddle does have the tips and it is perfect for working its way through my hair and they don't scratch my scalp.

'Characters' Fairies // £20*

Whimsical and adorable characters make these natural bristle hairbrushes some of the favourites of the range. My daughter is completely obsessed with fairies, unicorns and princesses so of course this was the perfect choice for her, she loves to pop her fairy brush into her handbag and brush her dolls hair too. This brush also came with a natural bristle and nylon tips. One nylon tip per bristle bundle to thoroughly but gently brush the hair, and had been amazing for detangling my daughter's hair after bath time and before bed. For me, I think the fact that this is perfect size for her hands as she likes to brush her own hair as a part of her routine. 

These brushes will sure to stand the test of time if you ensure that you care for the properly and add them into a weekly cleansing schedule. Firstly gently remove any hair from the brush and bristles. Wash the bristles by dipping them in warm soapy water. Carefully rinse with cold water and towel dry to remove and soak up any excess water.The bristle pad may be removed for thorough cleaning and then clicked back into the brush back. How try to avoid submerging the whole brush into water. We are so impressed with these natural boar bristle brushes, and the fact that they have cute and colourful designs just add to their appeal. They have such a wide range of colours, designs and effects that there is sure to be something for everyone. As well as a good brush you also need to one of best hair dryers to help keep my your hair type tamed. As a curly girl I also need to use a hairdryer that dries my hair quickly but is kinder to my hair.

~ This post contains gifted items but all opinions are my own. ~
26 comments on "Rock and Ruddle Natural Boar Bristle Brushes"
  1. These look like a great quality! Might have to get myself one x

    1. The fairy one is so great for my daughters fine hair.

  2. I find these brushes amazing for calming the frizz!

    1. Oh yes totally need them for my frizzy hair.

  3. I was only thinking yesterday that I needed a new brush for the boys! These look perfect x

  4. These look great I think these be good for Ruby hair it's a nightmare to brush x

    1. My little lady is awful when it comes to brushing her hair, but I have to use her fairy brush.

  5. These brushes sound amazing for young children xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  6. I love the idea but I can't stand brushes with bristles like these. I think my scalp is sensitive!!

    Gemma Louise

    1. Ah that’s a shame. My lady loves her fairy brush. How about Ru’s hair?

  7. These looks so pretty and such lovely quality! I always buy super cheap hairbrushes, they break/die/get old and then I replace then with another cheapy one! So I'll deffo look into getting one of these next! x

  8. These look amazing - and so adorable too! I really need a new hairbrush, will have to look these up. x

    1. They are pretty good. Especially for little ones.

  9. I think there's a lot to be said for investing in a good hairbrush - they last for ever! These look great, I love the rose gold one x

    1. Yes there are quite a few great ones on the market at the moment.

  10. These little brushes seem perfect for little ones especially! I use a tangle teezer on my hair and it’s worked wonders - especially when it’s wet!

    1. I use to have a tangle teezer, the swapped to tangle angel and now this.

  11. Ooh I've heard of these brushes before and they look great! Need to get my hands on one! xx

  12. These look so good! It's about time I treated myself to a decent hairbrush actually - thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Oh my youngest would love that fairies brush! So cute and kind to your hair!


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