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Bath Time Fun with Frezyderm*

Bath time is a pretty big deal in our house, you could actually go as far to say it's the main event of the day. Bath time is normally time for my daughter and husband to bond, he runs her a bath while I clean all the chaos we created in the kitchen. It really doesn't matter if my daughter is grumpy or tired as soon as she hears running water she gets so excited, however when it comes to the perfect bath products for my daughter, I have to be careful. My daughter has super sensitive skin and so finding products that are kind to her skin can be a little tricky, we have tried every product imaginable and many have left skin reacting with certain ingredients and rashes. At times, this can be so frustrating because products that are kind to her skin are not always readily available. As you know, FREZYDERM is a brand that we use, and so were very happy to see that they have a baby care range too. 

For those that don't know. FREZYDERM is a Greek skincare company that is popular in Europe. Their skincare was initially marketed at dermatologists but is now available to the public. FREZYDERM aims to design and manufacture safe and effective, high quality, products that conform to strict pharmaceutical standards. The innovative and unique product range has been formulated to effectively treat all skin types and skin conditions, without irritation. However they cover most beauty concerns from face and body care, sun care, oral care and even hair care, whatever your problem is I am pretty sure that FREZYDERM will have some kind of solution for you. So this time, as you can see, we are reviewing their baby care range. 

Before we really get into this, you can really see that range is quite unique in it's look with a blue theme throughout. Not forgetting the trademark FREZYDERM at the top. The first thing that my daughter noticed was the adorable characters on each bottle, and the rubber duck was something she really liked to talk about. It was quite a nice touch. I also like the fact that both of the bottles were of a good size making sure that they last, we are still making our way through, third month and going strong

FREZYDERM Baby Shampoo* (£11.00/300ml).

An extra-gentle daily shampoo for babies. It' s mild formula maintains natural moisture levels of the hair and skin, without aggravating or stinging baby’s eyes. Wheat proteins strengthen the hair structure, while chamomile extract has an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effect. Leaves the skin and hair soft and smooth. These are all the things that I look for when it comes to my daughter's bath products. We have to be careful what we use on our daughter's skin because it's really sensitive, and normally we bath together and I cannot use anything that may react with my eczema. The shampoo is clear in colour with a slight sticky texture to it. We all loved the smell of the shampoo reminds me of baby talcum powder. The shampoo didn't take too long to lather up, and washed out after a few washes with clear water. It left my daughter hair feeling clean, fresh and smelling amazing. So I used it too, and it's amazing for stripping your hair after a product build up. Both my daughter and I have sensitive skin and eczema, and this shampoo didn't irritate the scalp or the skin whatsoever. 

FREZYDERM Baby Bath* (£11.50/300ml). 

A baby bath wash that gently cleanses baby’s delicate skin without drying it or interfering with its normal pH levels while protecting the skin flora. Almond esters ensure the skin’s barrier is left intact, while chamomile extract offers anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory protection. Wheat proteins, which have emollient and moisturising properties, protect the outer layer of the skin. This baby bath can be used all over your baby’s skin cleanse and soothe. Similar to the shampoo it's clear in colour and has the same lovely baby talc smell, my bathroom was left smelling gorgeous. My daughter is little miss independent and wants to wash herself, so with a small amount on a sponge she got to work. I really liked that this didn't lather up too much, just enough to wash away all those impurities. 

In a nutshell, the FREZYDERM all the products that we have been sent for a review are great and did wonders for our skin. We are so impressed with the bath care products, and they didn't irritate neither my or my daughter's skin and they left our skin feeling super clean, hydrated and smelling amazing. These are some products that certainly last, as you really don't need too much to create a lather, But as soon as we have finished these bottles we shall buy some more. For me, the emollient has near enough got rid of my eczema on my legs and the sun cream for my daughter was really good. For my daughter I think she found it fascinating that her cream went on blue and disappeared, she most definitely enjoyed applying her sun cream that's for sure. Lastly, the dental care products are something to look out for too especially Sensitooth Toothpaste. Straightaway my daughter mentioned that she loved the taste of the toothpaste, and that it tasted of strawberries, but then I explained to her that it was actually blue berry. I really like the fact that she loved the taste and her attention on the tooth character helped with brushing her teeth for longer, including the back ones. Have you tried the FREZYDERM range?

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10 comments on "Bath Time Fun with Frezyderm* "
  1. Sounds amazing and ideal for kids with sensitive skin x

  2. the bottles alone look amazing and so exciting for bath time with children :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  3. I haven't heard of these before, but they sound perfect for little ones!

    1. We have used frezyderm quite a few times now. Really good brand!

  4. I think I need to make an investment in this collection - they sound great x

    1. You should, their children’s range is amazing.

  5. I love the packaging! Will have to grab some for TJ!


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