An Indulgent Treat For Mothers To Be*

There seems to be a crazy amount of pregnancy announcements and celebrations of new arrivals at the moment, it's such an exciting time embarking on new ventures into parenthood. I will never forget finding out that I was expecting my beautiful baby girl after struggling to conceive. It was such a surreal moment and pretty unforgettable. However, at times there were really hard parts with my pregnancy but I had to keep in mind that my body was preparing itself for something amazing, and life changing. But there were a few things that helped me along the way to embrace and enjoy my pregnancy which were normally copious amounts of tea, ice pops or jelly. However, I have seen something that would have been the perfect way to help make all those harder parts a little easier. 

Self-care in pregnancy is so incredibly important. Women expecting a new bundle of joy will do everything they can to ensure that everyone around them has what they need and rarely taking time our for themselves. Whether this means taking vitamins and supplements for the baby, attending all antenatal appointments, preparing for a replacement at work, or making sure that the nursery is fully equipped for the new arrival. Self care for the lady is question is normally the last thing on their mind. Self care practices range from the tiniest trivial activity to life altering decisions and you get to choose what is best for you. Nobody knows you better than yourself! Simply put, do more of the things you love. If that means taking a long bubble bath, reading a book or drinking copious amounts of decaffeinated tea, just do it and solely do it for you. As a introvert, taking time for me is a pretty much a necessity and for self care to be genuinely helpful, you must be intentionally be selfish and make it entirely about you. And so self care in pregnancy is incredibly important and today I wanted to talk to you about the perfect gift to make it all a little easier. The Indigo Pregnancy Care and Wellbeing Gift Set*.

Each set is packed with all those important essentials to help support during the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. A time during a pregnancy where the body and mind needs constant support to accommodate the nourishment and arrival of a bundle of joy. This well being kit is loaded with herbal products that have been traditionally used for centuries in the journey leading to motherhood. Each set contains Raspberry Leaf Tea, Pregnancy Care Massage Oil, Pregnancy Care Essential Oil and a Strawberry shaped Tea Infuser. One of the best and only herbal products that has been proven to be an amazing help during pregnancy is Raspberry Leaf Tea. This herbal tea has been used for centuries to support respiratory, digestive and uterine health, particularly during pregnancy. It is thought to help shorten labour, as it strengthens the uterine and pelvic muscles while also working as a relaxant at the same time, and therefore helps reduce the pain of contractions during labour. During the last few weeks of my pregnancy I consumed quite a few cups of Raspberry Leaf Tea and I did feel as if it had a small impact on my labour. There is a lot of conflicting ideas as to whether this can actually affect labour, so you'll need to make up your own mind on that, there's so much research out there. 

One of my friends in gearing up towards the last few weeks of her pregnancy and had been having quite a tough time, and so I surprised her with this box of treats from Indigo Herbs. So far she has been indulging in lots of raspberry leaf teas after the school run, and told me that she can tell that this loose tea is natural with an earthy taste, compared to her other Raspberry Leaf Teas. However if herbal teas are not your thing simply add in some honey to sweeten it up a little. My only advice would be that if you are considering Raspberry Leaf Tea is speak to a midwife or doctor first. The pregnancy care massage oil is something else that my friend enjoyed. An oil that is made up of lavender, geranium and mandarin essential oil, and is a blend that suitable from the second trimester. This fantastic blend of natural oil can be safely used daily over the belly area ensuring every pore is administered with reinforcing herbs leaving the skin supple and smooth. 

Lastly, the pregnancy essential oil blend is something else that is suitable from the second trimester of pregnancy. Something that compliments the massage oil, adding a couple of drops to your bath is the perfect way to start the most indulgent night. Self care through pregnancy is a must, after all growing a little human being is hard work. As well as adding a couple of drops to your bath, the oil can be diluting into a little water and evaporating in an oil burner or hot bath. So if you'e looking for something a little special for yourself or for a pregnant friend or relative then this indulgent box of treats is the one you need to get. And at only £19.99 you can't really say no. We have also been sent over a De-Stress and Unwind gift box so don't forget to come and check that review out too. 

~ This post contains gifted items but all opinions are my own. ~


  1. This sounds great for any mum to be. I drank raspberry leaf tea whilst I was pregnant x

  2. Oh do you know, I never heard of having raspberry tea whilst pregnant?! Feel like I missed out! This sounds wonderful for pregnant ladies. I did enjoy using massage oil though - so relaxing and good for the skin too. x

    1. Pretty great! Not sure if it actually helps.

  3. This is such a lovely gift! Really thoughtful and special. I'll look out for these x

  4. This is the perfect gift for a pregnant pal, isn't it? Love it!