SHNOOKS: From Bubble To Best Friend

Have you ever heard of Shnooks before? Now before this post, I never really came across Shnooks before, but both my daughter and I were excited to find out. When they arrived they immediately grabbed my daughters attention, so much so she was jumping excitedly and couldn't wait to get them out of the box. Now if this is a whole new world to you like it is me, let me tell you a little bit about Shnooks. They come from a magical place where a rainbow meets a waterfall and little Shnooks are born in rainbow bubbles. They magically grow eight times their size from their unique shubble-bubble pack. Born in a bubble, they love to cuddle, Shnooks are your friend so true. With colourful hair, they'll always care, they're here to shnook after you.

Shnooks were first launched back in 2008 and was the first toy to combine plush and hair play and remained a consistent top-selling toy. Now it’s available again, ready to capture the imaginations of a new generation with a relaunch of a range of colourful and cute Shnooks. As you can see they arrive in quite a flat box in their bubble and you pop it, shake the Shnook to life then they are ready to play! I really like these cute Shnooks they kind of remind of the troll dolls you could get with the ever changing hair colour, and in no time at all the bubble pack Shnook has grown so much. 

We were kindly send over two little Shnooks. Shmiley who always has a smile to share. Rain, hail or shine. Her pearly whites shine bright like diamonds but her friendship is worth more than that. Shine who looks after you with warmth so bright. When skies are grey and it's a boring day shine will light the way. Shine beams like the sun and loves to keep you warm. How adorable are these messages though?

Each Shnook comes with a comb, clips and bands so you can style their hair. They really are the fluffiest little things my littlelady adores them! There are six characters to collect. They come in a variety of colours and each have their own name and own little message, the idea being that not only can you choose the perfect Shnook friend for you. My daughter just loves her two special friends and will spend ages trying to brush, and style their hair. I must confess I have even tried to style their hair, they are just so soft. 

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