3 Simple Ways To Make Your Blog Stand Out

It comes as no surprise the amount of new bloggers entering the wonderful world of blogging has made it completely competitive and difficult to stand out from the rest. Now, this doesn't mean that blogging isn't as useful and effective, it just means that you have do some things as little different than you may have done previously. As the competition increases, it has become even more important to stand out in the sea of amazing bloggers, most of use need to make our blogs stand out among the crowd. This is especially important if you want to take your blog to the next level, not just from a branding perspective, but also from a traffic and money making perspective.

3 simple ways to make your blog stand out

#1  D E S I G N 

For the first year or so of blogging my layout was very basic, now I am talking two colours and a few social media icons and that's it! For me, half the fun of creating a blog was getting to build myself a layout because it gave me the chance to learn more about HTML which I think is hard but very interesting. However I am yet to become a complete professional when it comes to HTML, but I am getting there. As soon as the promotions and sponsorship started to come our way, I knew that I needed to get a more responsive layout so my readers could easily navigate around the website because it had a clean and simple look. It took me a long time to decided but I found one of the most amazing programmers on Etsy, I got my layout just over a year ago and I haven't had any problems. I have had a few queries about certain things with my template that the programmer was more than happy to amend for me, he would also go above and beyond. But what makes it even better is that his themes are so cheap, and look great. Originally my theme cost me around £8, so don't forget to check out Vefio Themes

#2  B E  C O N S I S T E N T 

When I say be consistent, I am not talking about how many posts you can cram into a week. It's more focused on the visual design consistency. Try and be consistent with colours and fonts and use them throughout your blog and on your social media platforms. When it comes to choosing your colours try and stick to perhaps two or three and within a similar palette, be consistent with the fonts too. Choose a clean, bold font for headings and an easy to read font for body text and with web friendly fonts that are easy to read and not too fancy. Not forgetting to use similar graphics within your  blog and platforms too. I cannot tell you the number of times that I have clicked on a blog and then looked on their social media platforms to see a completely different feel and theme. Be consistent. 

I have been working really hard to try and make my brand stand out and with the help of Logojoy, I am able to do so. Logojoy is a platform that designs a beautiful and unique logo for your business or brand inspired by your choices. You simply start off by selecting styles, colours and logo that grabs your attention. Logojoy will then use these choices for inspiration when generating your logo options. Within seconds, you’ll be browsing 100% custom logos tailored to your business. Then you'll choose favourites and can even preview what your new logo will look like on cards, t-shirts and so much more. As you make changes to the logo in our easy-to-use editor, previews update in real-time. Browse and sample different fonts, colors, layouts, and symbols to perfect your design. You can also change the spacing, font size, and more.

Logojoy | Premium Package
As you can see, I was looking for a logo that was clear and simple, but completely unique to anything that I have seen before. I really like the set up with Logojoy as their platform was so simple and easy to use and you literally can design a brand new logo within minutes. But what makes this Logojoy stand out from the rest is the fact you can design something to your liking for free, giving you a chance to change any aspects of the logo and once you have decided which one you will go for you can then download all the files with a one off payment, how great is that? There are so many different packages available ranging from $20 for a basic package, $65 for premium and even an enterprise package for $165 so there is something to suit all budgets.  

#3  B E  S O C I A L

So you write good content, your blog and brand looks consistent and let's face it a little bit amazing and now? Well, you need to make it easy for people to get access to your content and make it shareable. So many people are on different social media platforms these days, so it makes complete sense to promote your blog and brand all over them. So make sure as soon as you start a blog you set up social media channels specifically for your blog, before anyone else does. If you're anything like me, being organised is like a way of life. There is nothing that keeps me focused than being organised and so this should be something that you do with your blog. We all have lives beyond our love of the wonderful world of blogging and so it makes sense to spend out on making our life easier, and by that I mean a scheduling tool. This is something that you can either do for free with apps like Buffer and Hootsuite that offer in app purchases at later dates, to go pro! As a starting point these are great but soon scheduling posts on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest become the bane of your life and so looking to spend some money on social media management scheduler is going to be so helpful and save you a tonne of time. Thanks to a certain pro blogger, who convinced me to get into the world of social oomph, it's has changed my scheduling game. I'll still use buffer when I need to, but I know that by paying $3 a month social oomph has got me covered just in case I forget. By scheduling posts and planning ahead you are always able to keep track of your spending for each post.

So there you have it, three simple ways to make you blog stand out. It's so important to try and stand out with your writing, your blog and try and be completely unique. Being consistent with the design, writing and being a social butterfly in an online sense will be sure to help make you stand out from the crowd. 


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