50 Blog Post Ideas For Blogmas

It's that time of year once again, with lots of bloggers deciding whether or not they are going to take part in blogmas , which is a daily blogging challenge throughout December. Like so many people, I absolutely love this time of year and since becoming a blogger I love getting into the spirit of all things about Christmas and taking part in blogmas. It's such a wonderful time of year with so many people and bloggers sharing lots of festive fun everywhere, it's pretty hard to now want to get involved. There is everything from sweet treats, preparation tips, the best films to watch, and even tips and tricks to keeping everyone happy while the turkey cooks away. A glass of bucks fizz normally does the trick. Being committed to a whole month of blogging whilst preparing for everything else that comes with christmas can sometimes be quite a lot, however if you are looking for a challenge but need some inspiration for some of your blogmas content I have over 50 blog psot ideas to help you along your way. 

1. Blogmas Post Id (believe it or not - it's a post).
2. Christmas Traditions
3. Favourite Christmas films
4. Christmas Gift Guides (Mens, Womens, Childrens even grandparents).
5. What To Put in a Christmas Stocking
6. Stocking Filler Ideas Under £10
7. How Do You Prepare Your Christmas Table
8. How To Prepare for Travelling with Children Over Christmas
9. DIY Advent calendars
10. Top Christmas Songs
11. Visiting Father Christmas
12. Christmas Eve Box
13. Homemade Decorations
14. Favourite Christmas Cocktails
15. The Ultimate Christmas Cookie Recipes
16. How To Prepare for Christmas Parties
17. Make Your Own Wreath
18. Interior Updates To Your Home
19. Handmade Greeting Cards
20. Christmas Charities
21. Preparing Your Home For Christmas and Your Guests
22. Favourite Christmas Markets
23. Christmas Make Up Looks
24. Best Places to Shop Online This Christmas
25. Great Family Games for Christmas Day
26. Christmas Throwback
27. Christmas Holiday Bucket List
28. Christmas Decoration Haul
29. A Christmas Wishlist (share on personal page for subtle hint, obvs).
30. How to Make a Yule Log
31. Favourite Christmas Jumpers
32. Christmas Day OOTD
33. Adding Personal Touches To Christmas
34. What's on My Christmas Tree
35. Best Hot Chocolate Recipes
36. Christmas Breakfast Ideas
37. What Are Your Christmas Eve Essentials
38. A Christmas Giveaway
39.  Christmas on a Budget
40. Favourite Christmas Candles or Scents
41. Gift Wrapping Ideas
42. Christmas Nails Tutorial
43. Last Minute Christmas Guide
44. Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts
45. Top Festive Lipsticks
46. Festive Adventures (these could be days out, or places you'd like to visit at Christmas).
47. Winter Warmer Wishlist
48. Favourite Christmas Reads
49. How To Plan For A Successful and Stress Free Christmas
50. Surviving The Boxing Day Sales


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Wow, we got there in the end. I really do hope that these blog post ideas give you some inspiration for the upcoming blogmas challenge, do you have an ideas? Please feel free to leave me comments below. 


  1. This is a brilliant list. Thank you for the inspiration x

  2. I'm not doing Blogmas but I'm lifting some of the travel inspired ideas! thelistlinky

  3. This is a crazy helpful post! I’m not doing blogmas this year but I love all the content!

  4. Love this ideas <3 Can I also say thank you for joining me on the list.