Jamie Jones Illustrations Review + Discount Code

If you own a toddler you will probably have more toys in your house that the whole of Toy R Us? Am I right? My daughter is just three years old and I cannot believe that in those three years she seems to have accumulated more belongings and clothes than my husband and I have in our ten year relationship, and so it makes complete sense to upgrade the size of her bedroom. But as she goes into the bigger bedroom it does mean that the smaller room will be vacant, no we are not having a man cave, we have decided to use this spare room as an office. Nothing would be more fitting for my office than layering pale pink with the oh-so-in-the-moment copper hues because they are a match made in design heaven. They are like one of those couples that look good together from the get go and then you can't really imagine them with anyone else. And like most couples they bring out the best in one another - the copper gives the pink a bit of edge and the pink brings out the warm rose tone in the copper. So we have a basic colour and theme for the room, now comes the really exciting part of a new bedroom, making it even more special. Something that I am really keen on doing is have a clean desk with some beautiful prints just above my desk and this is where Jamie Jones Illustrations comes in...
Before we get into the review of the prints I think that it's only right that I tell you a little more about Jamie Jones Illustrations. Jamie Jones is an art & design graduate who focuses on water colour, biro, and technical pen. However after completing his Art & Design qualification and starting up Jamie Jones Illustrations he really loves create unique pieces using technical pen. I was kindly sent over a couple of his most popular prints an A5 print, Orange botanical (Citrus reticulata) and a A4 print, Kos Harbour with Yachts. As you can imagine I was delighted to receive these two prints in the post and I know that they will go perfectly in my brand new office. 

Botanical illustration of a tangerine orange (citrus reticulata) on cream, heavy cardstock. Using thousands of dots, stippling makes up the entirety of this piece. As you can imagine this has taken many hours of patience, time and dedication to create this wonderful print. The botanical illustration is available in A4 (H: 297 mm x W: 210 mm) & A5 (H: 210 mm x W: 148 mm) and includes:

- Fruit on section of branch
- Leaves
- Buds
- Flowers
- External surface/skin
- Internal structure/pith

My favourite print by far is this beautiful circular fine-line sketch of Kos harbour - Greece. This beautiful view is from Kos Agora, including views of private yachts and Kos Town in the backdrop. Gold sun hand placed and transferred onto each illustration. But this is just one of the many beautiful prints that are available in the Circle Collection which consists of 6 different illustrations. These prints are available in the following size: A4 (H: 297 mm x W: 210 mm) & A5 (H: 210 mm x W: 148 mm)

Both of these beautiful illustrations are printed on cream, heavy card stock, ensuring that the quality is of a high standard. I have brought quite a few print since becoming a blogger and some prints can be a hit or miss. So if you're looking for some great quality prints that are unique and beautiful then you really should go and look at Jamie Jones Illustrations, because you won't be disappointed. And, if you wanted to get your hands on your own print we have a 20% off discount code to use on his Etsy shop: KellyAnneC20

*DISCLAIMER* Mimi Rose and Me is a personal blog written and edited by myself only, unless otherwise note my reviews are completely based on my own opinion of the product reviewed. These products were supplied to me as a gift to review from Jamie Jones Illustrations