Magic Santa Letter: Spreading a Little Magic This Christmas + Discount Code

I am very excited for Christmas and even more so since my daughter came along. It's magical. I know that my daughter is still quite young to understand everything that comes with Christmas, but I still want to make it magical for her. Like so many, I absolutely adore Christmas. I am definitely one of those people that like to see the Christmas decorations in shops early and my daughter and I have been listening to Christmas songs since October. I love all the warm Christmas scents and indulging in the most wonderful treats. Most families have certain traditions that they need to do in order to get into the Christmas spirit and now that we are a family I think it's time we made our own. One that I am keen on starting this year is writing a letter to Father Christmas and receiving one in return with the Magic Santa Letter. 

The Magic Santa Letter provides some of the highest quality letters on the market for children. I was very excited to receive ours in the post last month. It really doesn't matter where you are in the world, these letter will sure spread a little magic and happiness to your household in the run up to Christmas. When we received our Magic Santa Letter I could tell that this letter was a cut above the rest, with a festive hues on the envelope including a special stamp all the way from the North Pole. When it came to choosing the personalised Magic Santa Letter for my daughter we decided to get her a 'Truly Magical' Santa Letter, costing £7.99 per letter. With each personalised letter you will receive a high quality ‘scroll effect’ letter, magical reindeer food, a ‘good child’ certificate, a door hanger asking Santa to ‘stop here’ as well as two double sided Christmas colouring sheets.

As you can see, the letter is of a 'scroll effect' which I think adds to the magic, especially as he has signed it at the bottom with an official 'North Pole' seal. I couldn't wait to show our daughter her Magic Santa Letter, however we did wait until November to show her. The contents of the letter can be fully personalised for £1 more and you’ll be able to write out a whole letter of your choosing. Alternatively you can have it partially personalised where you fill in boxes such as name, gender, gift that they love at Christmas and their home town. When it came to selecting what was included in the letter, we decided to go for 'Cosy Evening By The Fire', however there were other options including 'The Elves are Busy' and 'I Love Mince Pies'. 

The reindeer food comes in a really sweet little brown pouch with a reindeer printed on the front and there’s just the right amount in there to sprinkle at the door on Christmas Eve. The Magic Santa Letter door hanger is really good quality and the colouring sheets are the perfect size. In this 'Truly Magical Santa Letter package also included a 'good child' certificate which isn't personalised, however really adds to the magic with the letter. As well as this amazing option, there are others to choose from one includes a Magic Santa Letter, without all the extras and there is also a Baby's First Christmas letter which comes with magical reindeer food and a ‘good child’ certificate. I honestly highly recommend these Magic Santa Letters for little ones, not only is the letter itself of high quality with a little personalisation makes it all the more special. I also think that the extras included in the letter just add a simple magical touch, and these are so reasonably priced too, you can't really go wrong. 

You can now get 25% off using the code: E25OFF right up until December! 


  1. These are so very cute and look really authentic too. Sadly I fear this is the year we have to give up the letters to Santa, but maybe just one more year...

  2. Oh what a lovely idea. My youngest would adore this :-)

    1. I think the are a perfect way to get the little ones excited!